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Will Exaggerating My Symptoms Help My Disability Claim?

Disability Benefits - Question 160
The denial rate for disability claims among the private and public sector has received considerable publicity. In an effort to jump start your claim, or give it some extra punch, there could be a temptation to exaggerate the symptoms of your disability on the claim form. You may have had your disability for some time and fear that your claims adjuster will not understand why you cannot work. Your pain may be intermittent, and you may fear that the insurance company will not understand that this prevents you from working. Exaggerating your symptoms can ultimately lead to your claim being denied. It is important to remember that your claims adjuster and your insurance company have years of experience handling disability claims, and they are eager to weed out what they consider “invalid” claims. Exaggerating your symptoms could result in your claim reaching the “invalid” file.

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