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Comment on CIBC Class Action re Overtime

In the last few days, news has come out that a class action has been filed on behalf of CIBC employees with respect to allegations of unpaid overtime. While, this case will take some time to work its way through the courts, it is yet another indicator of the growing assertiveness of Canada’s workforce. While the case clearly seeks monetary compensation, all indicators suggest that the motivation for this case, in addition to the financial considerations, stems largely from the growing desire of employees to have their employers value their personal lives and time and that there be recognition that if employees will be required to work extra hours that they be fairly compensated for same, or employers should consider hiring sufficient staff so that no employees will have to work hours that will severely interfere with their personal lives. I have thrown this comment in as it strikes me that such a case also is indicative of the growing concern about work-related stress. Is the workplace more stressful these days? Maybe yes and maybe no, however, our society seems to be giving this problem much greater thought and attention than has historically been the case.