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Tanya Lau - Working In A Toxic Environment

Tanya Lau Success Story | Share LawyersTanya had come a long way in her life. She had lost her husband, raised their five children on her own and was climbing the ladder at work. For a long time, Tanya felt great about her experience at work; they gave her many opportunities and responsibilities. In fact, many people at work saw Tanya as an inspiration, and went out of their way to celebrate her successes. After some time, Tanya began noticing changes in management, and in the way she was treated. As an ethnic minority and as a woman, Tanya began to feel isolated from her colleagues. The more success she found, the more she felt resented by her team. People were questioning her decisions, saying mean things and monitoring her more carefully.

One morning, Tanya went into work and began to put a new plan into place, a plan that had been made with the management team.

Before she could know what was happening, one of her colleagues angrily confronted her about her actions earlier in the day, even throwing things at her. Tanya was frightened, and could not believe that she was crying. When she was alone again that day, and for many days and weeks after, she reached out to other people on the management team for support. Over the next three months, Tanya struggled to go to work every day. She felt that people were avoiding her, and she felt her health deteriorating. Although she was promised a change in location, nothing changed.

Tanya decided to take a week vacation, to work on healing and to see her doctor. He diagnosed her with general anxiety and depression, stating that it was apparent that she could not go back to work. Tanya felt like a robot, and spent the next three months at home recovering, until it was time for her to apply for disability benefits. When she was denied her claim, Tanya’s friend convinced her to talk to a lawyer. This lawyer wanted to help but told Tanya that her best option was Share Lawyers. Although Tanya thought to herself “Do I really need to do this?” and felt targeted, anxious and scared. She called and got an appointment at Share Lawyers. “The rest,” Tanya says, “is history.” 
Tanya wanted to share her story so that other people would know that they are not alone. She urges other people who are living in fear to not be quiet and to reach out to professionals that know the system. It was Tanya’s courage as well as the encouragement of her family and friends that led her to contacting Share Lawyers. She is forever grateful to the support given by David Share of Share Lawyers, and she is now able to focus on recovery and rebuilding her life.

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.