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In Already Hard Time, Claim for Long Term Disability Benefits Denied

Susan Delancy Success Story | Share LawyersSusan, a 54 year old legal assistant and mother of three adult children, arrived home from work one evening to receive a call telling her that her only daughter was being rushed into emergency surgery that would likely amputate both legs. Her daughter had presented at hospital malnourished and infected with flesh-eating disease caused by her illicit injection drug use. Dropping everything, Susan took the next flight to the West Coast to be with her daughter and to see to her care.

In prior years, Susan's daughter, Mary, was only welcome in her mother's life at times she had been willing to seek recovery from her addiction to opiods. However, Susan felt that abstinence based programs benefited her daughter most, but they always proved impossible for Mary to conform to.

Upon arrival at her daughter's bedside, she was told that it would only be a matter of weeks before the infection would take her daughter's life. Susan informed her employer of her need to remain with her daughter and her hope of having Mary recover enough to bring her home to be cared for there, so that she could return to work.

During her time in the West Coast, Susan found herself experiencing constant uncontrolled pain stemming from degenerative disc disease. Seven weeks later, Susan brought her daughter home and was finally able to receive care for her own medical issues. Examinations, MRIs and CT scans provided evidence of disabling changes in her cervical spine. While neurosurgeons shared her file amongst themselves to determine a surgical procedure that could be performed, she was put on anti-inflammatories, nerve blockers and pain medication. Weekly visits to her psychiatrist held her together while she watched her daughter deteriorate and then pass away. The experience left her emotionally, physically and financially exhausted. When Susan was denied her disability insurance claim, she didn't know what to do.

How Share Lawyers Helped

Having had experience working at a law firm, Susan knew it was common for insurance claims to initially be declined. Knowing this, she asked her insurer for a further review when they refused her claim and her file was moved up the chain of command. Recognizing that she didn't have the stamina to go through a costly and lengthy battle fighting for her rights, she turned to Share Lawyers for a second opinion on her claim's worthiness. Relief overwhelmed her when David Share confirmed that her claim indeed had merit and that Share Lawyers would take in on.

The Share Lawyer team compiled the data to support the case and filed a statement of claim against Susan's insurance provider. They kept her apprised of proceedings every step of the way. She was prepped on what to expect from defense counsel in examinations for discovery and well represented at mediation where the matter settled for an amount well above the insurers initial offer to settle.

Susan was better able to manage the unexpected financial burden that her illness and her daughter's death had placed on her, and the settlement allowed her to move on in her life and begin her emotional healing.

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.