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Success Story: Rebecca Grimaldi

Rebecca Grimaldi Success Story | Share LawyersFor many years, Rebecca had liked her job as an insolvency consultant, but the combination of gaining new and bigger responsibilities in the workplace, and an increasingly busy family life, started to cause Rebecca to experience panic attacks at work. The emotional and mental stress of consulting with clients who were under great stress and sadness, as well as dealing with a lot of harassing phone calls from creditors and collection agencies, made it difficult for Rebecca to handle the increased workload and day to day family life. Although Rebecca asked for support from her employers, her stress was not taken seriously.

After many months of continued suffering at work, through company mergers and changes, Rebecca’s stress reached a new level. She had a severe anxiety attack at work, and immediately went on short-term disability. When things didn’t improve, Rebecca went on long-term disability. It wasn’t long before her claim was denied, causing Rebecca’s stress level to rise even more. After another lawyer recommended that she go to Share Lawyers, she knew it was time to make the call.

“Share Lawyers handled my case with patience,” says Rebecca. “They have so much experience, I know each case they have is handled expertly.” Rebecca trusted Share Lawyers with her case, and is happy with the results, but wants to share her experience with moving forward after her case has settled to help other people who have gone through a similar experience.

“Stress can affect someone so much,” says Rebecca. “My focus now is on wellness.” Although Rebecca has not yet found the right fit for a new job moving forward, she is focusing on taking baby steps to leading a well-balanced life. She has taken up yoga, and has a hopeful and positive attitude that others can learn from. “I really hope things continue to look up for me this year,” says Rebecca. Now that Rebecca has received her settlement, she is able to focus on moving forward. “I really want to thank everyone again at Share Lawyers for all their help and patience with me in this matter.”

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.