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Angela O’Neil - My Experience with Share Lawyers

Angela O'Neil Success Story | Share LawyersAngela was a mess emotionally and physically. The church, for whom she served as minister, turned its back on her when she needed it most.

Angela was at the stage of burnt out. Her husband, who was ill, was frustrated because she spent more time at work than she spent with him.

Angela’s doctor advised her to take time off work, but she didn’t want to leave the church stuck without a minister, and she had already signed up for a two week training session out of town. The guest speaker was a famous theologian whose books Angela had been reading. She also encouraged her husband to come with her, as he was interested in theology, and also because he could relax in the warmer climate. Angela thought that this time away would rejuvenate her and give her and her husband time together in the evenings.

She had planned to take her doctor’s advice when she returned, as she knew that her physical and emotional condition needed serious care under her doctor’s supervision. Angela had an appointment with her doctor the day after her return from the training session. The doctor insisted that she stay home for an undetermined time, wrote out prescriptions and said there would be a letter ready for her to pick up the next day, advising the church that she was not able to work.

Angela applied for short term disability, but was refused, even with the letter from her doctor. The insurance company said they need more information. After sending them more information, they denied her again, saying they wanted her to see a specialist, who was a psychiatrist. The ‘specialist’ wrote a letter saying that Angela was incapable of carrying out her duties. Again, she was refused.

Angela contacted a couple of lawyers who were not interested in taking on her case. She could not have afforded them anyway, due to the financial hardship of not receiving her benefits, and these lawyers all required money up front.

One day, while her husband was waiting for an appointment to see his specialist, he saw a pamphlet about Share Lawyers. He couldn’t believe his eyes! After being refused help from other lawyers, here was one who would take on cases on the basis of No Fees Unless They Win.

As soon as Angela returned home, she filled out the online application form, and received a reply immediately. She also received a call from Share Lawyers, who had not only a sympathetic voice, but who was very compassionate. What a blessing! Angela followed her instructions and sent all her documents for review. That in itself was a load off her shoulders. Then she had a telephone consultation with David Share and he took on her case.

Unfortunately, Angela’s husband passed away before the case was settled, but he would have been so grateful.

Share Lawyers and all the staff are wonderful blessings to those who are refused benefits from their employers.

Thank you, Share Lawyers!

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.