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Mediation / Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration are sometimes commonly referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures (ADR), and are being used to resolve disputes in an increasing number of cases.

In some cases, ADR is mandatory and in other cases it is voluntary. We use both methods extensively in our office.

Mediation is a non-binding conference chaired by an objective mediator who attempts to bring the parties closer together in an effort to settle the dispute. Sometimes, mediations lead to agreement on some issues, which helps to focus the dispute on the real issues, but in most cases, where mediation is successful, it results in a settlement of the case. Mediation gives all parties the opportunity to control the outcome of the case by negotiating a mutually agreeable settlement, without having to go through a lengthy trial or arbitration hearing.

For more information about whether ADR would be applicable to your case, you should discuss that with one of our lawyers at your free initial consultation.

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