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Long Term Disability Testimonials

Donna Baan

If it were not for David I would be in complete poverty and possibly would have lost my house and my standard of life as I knew it. I am very grateful for David's and Shira's constant care in my case.  I tell anyone I know who has similar problems about David Share, my hero.
I worked at an inner city community drop in centre.  We dealt with street people and psychiatric persons.  During my years at my job I was physically assaulted and verbally abused.  I was told by my superiors that this was part of the job and to let it ride.  There were policies and procedures in place but they were not utilized.
As a result of working in these very stressful conditions, I developed a serious stress related disease IBS, which is mostly incurable.  I made an application with our benefit policy holder and they denied my claim.  I had signed witnessed documents and correspondence from my supervisor to verify all of this and doctors' recommendations to quit due to illness.
I was about to give up when a friend of mine told me about David Share.  I called and after a bit of time David personally got me $96,250.00 from my benefit plan policy holder at work.