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Long Term Disability Testimonials

Kerry Campbell

"Thank you for all the advice, for keeping in touch throughout the process and giving me hope at reasoning with a HUGE insurance company.  I am just a number to the insurance company, but was NEVER treated as a number, or as a case file, by anyone at Share Lawyers.
After my LTD was denied by the insurance company for the second time, I went to see Share Lawyers. During my first conversation with Wendy, she told me she thought they could help and that they had handled many IBS cases.  I met with David and he took my case.  I was so relieved to find someone in my corner as the insurance company was treating me as if I had absolutely nothing wrong with me, plus they were trying to bankrupt me in the meantime.  Not having to pay anything up front made it possible for me to even hire a lawyer.  Their understanding of my illness, the position I was in financially and healthwise and the advice and encouragement they gave was gratefully received.  I felt completely confident in David to handle my case and to advise me in the best course of action.  He made me feel comfortable with the process before  we went in the mediation and during the mediation, I felt that David represented me with the utmost professionalism and excellence.  I would highly recommend Share Lawyers.
I found everyone at Share Lawyers to be helpful.  My questions and concerns were responded to quickly and with actual answer!  Even when I was panicked about things, I was reassured and felt that they really wanted to help me.
I was satisfied with the final result for the most part.  The mediation with the insurance company went much more smoothly than I would have expected and a final settlement was reached that day.  The insurance company didn't want to pay at all and I felt they should have paid more, but the most important thing was to have the issue resolved.  David did get me the best settlement he could with the information available.  Now if only Share Lawyers also had medical degrees, perhaps they could help resolve my illness as well!!
I can honestly say that I found your service to be top notch and have no complaints about how my case was handled.  You provide  an excellent and needed service and I am very glad that I found Share Lawyers to handle my case."