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Long Term Disability Testimonials

Ellen & Jory Sigesmund

"I wanted to let others know how extraordinary our experience has been with your firm, when following two traumatic car accidents we both sought your legal services. In the first catastrophic highway traffic collision in which my husband was the driver, your firm went well beyond the normal call of duty, delivering not just the necessary legal support that arises in such matters, always done in a professional efficient manner, but carried out with the utmost respect to our very young and thus fragile family, which, as anyone can imagine was caught in a whirlwind of shock, chaos, disbelief, and inability to function at full capacity. Then, two years later, I had the misfortunate of being the driver of my two young children in another serious accident in which Share Lawyers was again there with his legal "rescue" team and luckily so, as the impact of this second substantially less severe accident than the one mentioned above, had significantly greater destructive effects on our family and lifestyle, than the more serious accident, although logic would lead one to think the contrary.

David Share did not advise me one way or the other whether to seek or forego counsel following my accident. It was his firm's honesty and laying the hard facts right out on the table, but most of all their lack of self-interest and not practicing law like it is 100% business but the service profession it was designed to be. This is what separates Share Lawyers from the other firms I have spoken to and heard about. They care about people, people who have relatives, jobs, bills to pay, states of health.... Anyone can collect cheques. Dealing with people in need involves creativity, sensitivity and flexibility, and Share Lawyers are therefore in a class with only a handful of other firms in terms of the highest standards in the legal profession."