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Long Term Disability Testimonials


"My pain created such a negative existence for me that I was beyond frustrated by the time I decided to approach Share Lawyers. I felt embarrassed and self-conscious and was made to feel responsible for my illness by the insurance company. My first meeting wit Mr. Share was a combination of patience and trust. I had real difficulty getting there and Mr. Share waited and actually listened to me. I had talked about my pain condition to so many people with negative results that I was not sure that I could get any help. I thank Share Lawyers for a positive experience.

I would like to say thank you to the entire staff. I am especially grateful to Shira Bernholtz and Steven Muller. Shira for responding to my enquiries, and to Steven for his support through the mediation process. I am happy to say that the process was explained to me throughout. Steven's insight into dealing with the insurance lawyer was absolutely on point.

It became apparent to me that no matter what my doctors wrote or how many forms I had filled out, I was getting no where without legal action. The insurance company / employer had no intention of acknowledging my illness.

The ideas that there is a free consultation and no payment until there is a settlement were important factors that helped me to choose this firm. I liked the fact that there were no false promises and considering my particular circumstances, I am now able to pay off my debts."