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Long Term Disability Testimonials


Shira, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the large amount of time you patiently and kindly spent with me on the phone today, answering my questions in detail, offering support and information, systematically dismantling so many supposed "truths" and reasons for denying me what is mine, as proof that I cannot possibly be telling them the truth and making light of the multitude of symptoms which have robbed me of my life as I once enjoyed it.
You, Shira, as well as David and Wendy together, have given me the greatest gift of this past year.............the gift of hope!!!.........of hope that I just might someday have the necessary resources to move forward with my life in pursuit of a new passion, whatever that might be.............of hope that I might have the resources to find a healthier state in which to live out the remaining decade of my life.............of hope that I may be free to find some way of finding a supportive family doctor and specialist who can truly help me................of hope that I won't have to look over my shoulder constantly for surveillance cameras which misinterpret my every simple action..............of hope that I may soon be free to be me once again, regardless of my disability.

So thank you Shira with love!. from my perspective that was a chunk of telephone time (and the investigative time behind it) which was worth its weight in gold!!!  It was a wonderful Christmas gift and a great way to end my roller coaster year!! I feel honored to have found you all.