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Long Term Disability Testimonials

Deborah Morin

From the first conversation with David, I felt a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. To speak with someone with expertise who understood the frustration I was facing with the insurance company was so very helpful. I cannot express how much I appreciated having such great people as my advocates.
I was always treated with understanding, respect, care and concern by all staff. It was so easy to talk with David  -he was honest, friendly, realistic and “down to earth”. My thanks to Shira, who thoughtfully answered all my questions and concerns demystifying the languages of law and insurance.

It's obvious DSA lawyers are experts in your field.  I was always kept up-to-date on my case and I always appreciated receiving the newsletter.

The most significant moments of my case!
1. When you agree to accept my case.
2. When Shira informed me that the insurance company was notified to no longer contact me.
3. Timely completion by long-distance.
4. Final settlement. Thank you so very much!