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Long Term Disability Testimonials

John-David Graham

My initial consultation with David set my mind at ease after battling with my insurance company.  David read my files and shortly thereafter, told me that he felt my case was worthy of representing me.  I left the office feeling confident in David Share’s firm to look after me.
Communication and correspondence was exceptional even though I was homeless at the time.  Generally the whole staff made my life and case comfortable with their collective confidence and professionalism.
I never met Shira Bernholtz, but I found her most helpful in communicating my situation to all involved in my case.  DSA delivered me long term disability benefits with the medical evidence stacked against me.  I still feel misdiagnosed as my illness persists.  I would have received nothing without DSA.  The knowledge of DSA helped me in my time of crisis.  They delivered as they thought they could against a bully.  Many thanks.