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PTSD - Disability Claim

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health illness that can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a traumatic or terrifying event. Trauma can be defined by large-scale ordeals, such as terrorism attacks or natural disasters; or, it can be highly personal, such as a car accident or sexual assault. While PTSD is treatable, many health care providers are not always able to link the symptoms with the diagnosis, making it difficult to provide the correct treatment.


Victims of PTSD display a wide range of symptoms. These can include mental barriers, such as flashbacks to the event or a deep feeling of helplessness. Physical symptoms can manifest in anxiety, sleep disturbances or panic attacks, to name a few. If left untreated, PTSD symptoms can become worse and are often linked to other issues, such as addiction or mental illness.

Insurance companies often deny PTSD claims in favor of any plausible argument that can cause denial. Because the symptoms are so varied, it can be difficult to prove that the victim is actually suffering from PTSD, and may not be compensated for treatment.

Share Lawyers understand that living with PTSD can be debilitating and we make it our focus to offer the compassion and legal advice needed to assist with finding help. When you are suffering through symptoms, you are not at your best, and that is where we provide the advice needed to navigate your way to an effective claim.

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Facts & Figures - PTSD

Although PTSD is often linked to military personnel, it is also quite common in civilians who experienced a traumatic event. Even family members of victims can suffer from PTSD. As there is little current data on PTSD in Canada, an epidemiological study was conducted examining PTSD and related comorbid conditions.

Fact: Traumatic exposure to at least one event sufficient to cause PTSD was reported by 76.1% of respondents. 

Fact: The most common forms of trauma resulting in PTSD include unexpected death of a loved one, sexual assault, and seeing someone badly injured or killed.

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