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Spinal Cord & Nerve Damage Injuries - Disability Claim

Spinal cord and nerve damage injuries can occur in a variety of ways. Whether you or a family member has sustained such an injury in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, due to a defective product or in some other manner, we may be able to assist you in seeking all of the benefits and compensation you are entitled to in law.

Spinal Cord & Nerve Damage

We also represent a large number of clients who have been denied benefits under either a group disability insurance policy or a private policy. These cases are usually heavily dependent on obtaining the necessary medical evidence to prove the disability in a way contemplated by the policy in question.

From our experience with numerous clients, we understand the often catastrophic effects that such an injury can have. In the most severe cases, you may be left with total or partial paralysis which can have a significant impact on every aspect of your life. We can help with navigating entitlements to funds for assistive devices and rehabilitation services which are often required with these injuries. We understand that injuries of this nature are a life-long challenge which require a whole-life approach to the issue of compensation.

These types of injuries require understanding, patience and compassion, as well as sound legal advice. At Share Lawyers we take pride in keeping up-to-date on the latest developments in the proper representation and understanding of the issues surrounding clients who have sustained spinal cord and nerve damage injuries.

We would encourage you to contact us to consult further about your claim, to see if we can be of assistance to you and your family.

There are time limits to all claims and any delay in proceeding with your claim may be subject to a deadline so you should not delay in proceeding with your claim or obtaining legal advice to clarify these deadlines.

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Facts & Figures - Spinal Cord and Nerve Damage

An injury to the spinal cord or a nerve damages the body’s ability to process signals from the brain and neurons. This can be very serious, since these signals control a person’s reactions, both voluntary and involuntary. The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system and transmits many of these signals, so an injury to this area is likely to result in some form of nerve damage. These injuries may occur from sudden damage or develop very gradually. Injuries to the spine and nerves can create an array of symptoms. In severe cases, paralysis or widespread numbness can occur. Some of the other possible symptoms are pain in the affected area, difficulty breathing, loss of bladder and bowel control, and muscle spasms.

Fact: Men are much more likely to suffer a spinal cord injury.

Fact: Severe injuries to the spinal column can occur without nerve damages or damage to the cord itself.

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