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Case Studies

Read stories about some of our past clients and how we helped them.

Lynda Morton

At age 48, Lynda Morton thought that life was unfolding as it should. She had a happy marriage and two grown children. Her work as an assistant manager in a retail store was rewarding enough that she had stayed with the company for fifteen years. In a few years, she could look forward to retirement. Then illness overtook her.

Fibromyalgia Long Term Disability Casestudy - Click here for the entire story.

Craig Smith

Craig Smith always waited for the light to turn green when crossing the road. He had just stepped off the bus and as the light was green he started crossing the road. He could not have foreseen the university student speeding along the road...

Serious Car Accident Claim Casestudy - Click here for the entire story.

Nelson Alvarez

Faced with stress at work and numerous personal problems, Nelson was having trouble coping. Initially his employer had been understanding and under the Group Disability benefits he had at work, he applied for short-term disability...

Long Term Disability Benefits Claim - Click here for the entire story.

Juanita Jiminez

One cold day in December, 1994, Juanita decided to do some Christmas shopping at her local shopping mall. On her way into the mall, she slipped on some ice and snow, falling to the ground and striking her head...

Slip & Fall Settlement Casestudy - Click here for the entire story.

Indira Ramcharan

Indira had been employed for more than 15 years as an executive assistant. Some five years before her car accident, she had been diagnosed with a neurological disorder that flared up from time to time...

Fibromyalgia/Auto Accident Casestudy - Click here for the entire story.