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Kerry Campbell
"Thank you for all the advice, for keeping in touch throughout the process and giving me hope at reasoning with a HUGE insurance company. I am just a number to the insurance company, but was NEVER treated as a number, or as a case file, by anyone at Share Lawyers."

Georgina Dowuona-Owoo
"I want to express my deepest appreciation for the successful outcome of my case. Thank you very much for taking up my case and fighting for helpless people like me."

Patricia Madder
"I found my experience great. David Share was there for me when no one else would even look at my case and for that I am very thankful."

Sandra Jean Miller
"One visit… sign some papers… go to mediation… Win!"

Rajesh Vashisth
"First of all I am very thankful to Share Lawyers that they handled my case properly. Regarding my experience, I have no words to explain your hard work and knowledge. I was not expecting such a large settlement. It is far more than my expectations."

Mary & Andy Riddell
"Before we met with David Share we felt there was no hope. Canada Life denied my husband's disability insurance on our mortgage."

Ellen & Jory Sigesmund
"I wanted to let others know how extraordinary our experience has been with your firm, when following two traumatic car accidents we both sought your legal services. In the first catastrophic highway traffic collision in which my husband was the driver, your firm went well beyond the normal call of duty, delivering not just the necessary legal support that arises in such matters, always done in a professional efficient manner, but carried out with the utmost respect to our very young and thus fragile family, which, as anyone can imagine was caught in a whirlwind of shock, chaos, disbelief, and inability to function at full capacity."

"From the initial meeting to the following meetings the process was pleasant and without stress.”

Liza Jack
The first meeting was friendly, relaxed and informative. A realistic opinion was given and therefore expectations were not outrageous.

James Bond
"My health problems came as quite a shock to my body as well as to my family. In fact, I would say life altering. After that first meeting in your office with David Share I felt immediately hopeful and not so depressed."

Linda Jackson
"Professional, courteous and caring is how I would describe Share Lawyers."

Steve Nicholson
"Everything was very professional. With my insecurities I have a hard time trusting lawyers..."

Jasbir Virdi
"My experience was very smooth and effective, you responded each time I approached for assistance in concern to my claim."

Kyla Barnes
"As a young person I found my experience to be great. They took very good care of me."

Rita Brown
"My experience was very pleasant and helpful; I appreciated the thoroughness of the whole process."

"It was a very positive and supportive relationship, Very professional staff and I had confidence in them. All my emails and phone calls were answered promptly. Thank you to both Shira and Wendy."

"When it came to settlement details, David Share took the time to explain procedures and managed our expectations."

S.P. Mahr
"I will recommend your company to others who may need your services. Thank you for a job well done."

Michelle Davidson
"My interactions with David Share and his associates were always handled with discretion, professionalism and knowledge. My questions were always answered. The staff were all extremely professional."

Ponnudurai Kanapathy
"I found Share Lawyers were very honest and helpful in handling my case."

Harold Becker for Karen Becker
"I want to thank you for taking the case since our income consists of my pension only. I realize that your fee is worth every penny and let the truth come out. I can be helpful, but it is lawyers like your office, Share Lawyers, that makes the difference. It was Bill M. who gave me your name and address who had a stroke and you won his case."

Sofia Gojamanis
"If I compare the experiences from my husbands law firm many years ago Share Lawyers is the best that I have ever seen ..."

"If I had to go through this again I would not hesitate in contacting David Share first."

Phillip Shenouda
"David Share is a very understanding person and always gave me a clear view of my case and the results were very effective."

Linda Fox
"I wanted to express my thanks for the tidy wrap-up of events. I was getting really cold feet towards the end… and."

Dr. Ian Ferguson
"My experience was very good. All the staff were helpful in providing guidance regarding the process."

Barb Harris
"The service was friendly, helpful, not rushed, answered any and all questions, I was kept informed and they explained things in everyday language."

Jessica Mullen
Leanne, words cannot express how thankful I am for your and your team. The professionalism, respect, and consideration I was shown throughout the entire litigation process has been truly appreciated. Thank you SO much!

"Hello David...Well it's been about a year and a half since you took my case and the mediation was scheduled for last Tuesday and Steven Muller, your associate, was there to represent me."

Delores McMullin
"Easy to talk to Mr. Share. I was confident that he would do a good job for me and everything was explained clearly in the first meeting. The service and staff are all excellent."

Anne Smyth
"Share Lawyers were honest, up-front, forthcoming, and follow ups were on a regular basis. The staff were exceptionally helpful and responsive."

"My experience with Share Lawyers is fantastic."

Catherine Corbett
"Immediate involvement after contact; always professional, polite, helpful service. If an answer was not immediately available, one was found in a short period of time..."

"I would like to thank all of your staff and you David for taking the time to help with this lawsuit."

Iris Jacobs
"I was very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism which I was shown. All aspects of my case were clearly explained. Telephone calls were returned promptly, and my questions were answered courteously."

Gerard Dunphy
"The service is very pleasant and helpful and is as good as it gets. I visited two different law firms about this case and they both concluded at the outset that I did not have a case."

Theresa Anderson
"Friendly and made to feel at ease on the first visit. Everything was explained to me directly and honestly. I felt reassured and hopeful when I left the office."

Yvonne White
"From the very first meeting to the conclusion of the case, everyone was very professional, courteous, and considerate. I could not even begin to imagine tackling the claim against Canada Life on my own. Knowing it was being looked after allowed me to focus on recovering my health."

Junie Loo
"Very professional; used straight forward language without any legal jargon. I was kept informed of progress throughout the entire process. Regular updates on my condition in relation to my case."

Jeannie Doull & Don Bulger
"Thank-you so much for taking the time to help me when I needed it."

"Very efficient and pleasant service."

Ardella Ricker & Debbie Crites
"The day after speaking to David Share he came to the hospital to see my Grandmother. Hearing her story... "

W. Hammond
"I was very impressed with the responsiveness of your staff and I was very satisfied with the settlement."

Joan Cann
"I appreciated the very thorough and efficient way your company handled my case. My initial telephone call to your office, I spoke to Volker Triebe. Volker was very knowledgeable and helpful. He made me feel comfortable about approaching your company for the legal help I needed."

Miodrag Stojanovic
"After an unproductive experience with our first lawyer who was looking after our case, we decided to change the lawyer and we were very lucky to find David Share as our new lawyer. His work was excellent including his team. Our case was closed successfully."

"It was a long process but I felt I was able to trust Share Lawyers thoughout the entire time. A great amount of effort was made on what proved to be a rather difficult case and I am very appreciative of everyone involved."

Kelli-Ann Wolfe
"After the brain surgery, and after several failed attempts at returning to work, I struggled to accept that I was “disabled”. Shocked and angry that I was denied disability benefits from Sunlife, allowing Share Lawyers to handle everything took a huge weight off of my shoulders."

Barry Millman
"My experience was very professional.”

Snezana Stojanovic
"My husband and I had a car accident, seriously injured and a lot of stress working with insurance companies during the service of our first lawyer who was looking after our case. After unproductive experience with our first lawyer we decided to change the lawyer and we were very lucky to find David Share as our new lawyer."

Barry Millman
"My experience was very professional.”

Glen Burke
"Share Lawyers were highly professional and compassionate."

Cheryl Frost-Gibbs
"David and his staff were very helpful and efficient. No improvements necessary. Thank you for everything."

Najchow Waldemar
"I can only say that it was a great experience from beginning to the end of a whole process. I was treated with dignity, empathy, and extreme professionalis. I wish that all offices in Canada operate this way."

Cheryl Frost-Gibbs
"David and his staff were very helpful and efficient. No improvements necessary. Thank you for everything."

L. F.
"It was a pleasure to work with your firm, during a difficult time in my life. My thanks to Wendy Hamilton, who fielded my initial email, Shira Bernholtz, who worked on my case and answered general questions, and all your administrative staff who made sure I got my settlement money from Sun Life in a timely fashion."

Leda Ford
"Thank you for handling my case."

Mary Baran
David and Steven and all the Associates, I just want to thank you so much.

R. S.
"A very pleasant and satisfying experience. All the staff were helpful and responsive."

T.G. & Family
I would like to express my gratitude and thanks towards David Share, Steven Muller, Shira Bernholtz, Janice Grevler and all associates who represented my cases (LTD and car accident).

Lily Macasaet-Dalmacio
My experience with Share Lawyers was a no worry case as I felt that they will do their best to settle the case, and for me to just focus on my recovery. They did their best to accommodate me and explain to me some information that I needed to understand.

"Excellent – very well organized and did a great job of keeping myself well informed at all stages of the case."

David, thank you so much for taking on my case. I really appreciate the efforts of everyone who worked on it and I am truly grateful for Steven for obtaining such a quick settlement on my behalf. Everyone was wonderful throughout the process.

Harpreet Lutha
A wonderful experience. I was totally shattered after my accident. I lost my job too as I was unable to work. This impacted me physically as well as psychologically.

Zdzislaw Samotik
"I am very satisfied with the service from Share Lawyers. Their service was quick and consistent."

Carolina Arteaga Mendez
Share Lawyers are the most efficient responsible and helpful people that I have known in my life. As the slogan said “we make your case less painful.” It’s true.

"The experience was professional, courteous and helpful."

Gheorghita Cojocaru
Very good and pleasant experience.

"David, as I am finally obtaining closure on these financial issues with your help I am recalling my first call to your office. It was a Godsend to find your advertisement in the Star that day about a year and a half ago.”

Anita McConnell
I have been pleased with the way my case was handled by Share Lawyers. Anytime I emailed Kirk Sloane or phoned the office I received a prompt reply.

L. Page
"After a frustrating denial by Great West Life Insurance Company for a personal injury claim I contacted Share Lawyers and was pleased to find that they thought they could help me."

Andrew S.
"My disability payments were cut off by "NOT" Great West Life after 3 months. Despite a continual submission of doctors reports after doctors reports, they refused to reinstate my payments."

Roger Michaud
From start to end – Share Lawyers were very courteous, and showed genuine concern for my case and its success. At times I felt I was out of the loop, however as time progressed I realized they had it all under control. If I had to do it again, Share Lawyers would be my choice.

Nicki Forti
"I had a favourable experience with Share Lawyers. I found the staff to very pleasant and helpful anytime I called."

My experience was very positive. Janice Grevler was emotionally aware, validating, courageous, and honest about what she could offer for my situation at every stage of the process.

Sylvie Lessard
"Professional! Diplomatic! Knowledgeable! Pleasant! at all times. Especially while waiting for mediation. I placed a call to your office and spoke to one of David Share's associates regarding the chances of myself winning the lawsuit against Maritime Life. Our financial position was in total crisis and I asked how sure was the lawyers of my case as we were losing almost our house."

Angela Brown
"The staff of Share Lawyers were friendly and understanding. They were also very easy to talk to."

Janice Reid
"My experience was far better than I ever expected. David Share took the time to listen to my issues and very clearly explained what I could and could not expect."

"Very professional and up-front. I was kept informed at all stages of the proceedings and treated with respect."

Norma Mastrocola
"All staff were helpful and easy to talk to. Returned calls promptly. I was very satisfied with the results obtained."

Donna Baan
"If it were not for David I would be in complete poverty and possibly would have lost my house and my standard of life as I knew it. I am very grateful for David's and Shira's constant care in my case. I tell anyone I know who has similar problems about David Share, my hero."

Marion Campbell-Triassi
"My health claim was rejected by the insurance company numerous times. Mr. Share was recommended and I saw him, with little hope of success in my mind."

Sandra Hawkshaw
"David Share in our first meeting was very helpful and explained what was going to happen with my case and I was happy to be reassured that everything would work out."

Wilhelmina Owchar
"It was a very fruitful and rewarding experience. I was put immediately at ease and felt that there was hope for a good resolution."

Kay Boyd
"I knew exactly where I stood at all time. What was explained to me was realistic and truthful. I was not pressured to settle, thing were done in a timely manner."

Patricia Jamieson
"From the moment I called I was treated with respect, honesty, and a strong sense of humanity."

Gord Liscombe
"I found that dealing with this firm was most uplifting and as stress free as possible."

"My experience with Share Lawyers was very good. The staff did its best under the circumstances."

Rajinder Bains
"In the beginning before we came to Share Lawyers, we had a bad opinion regarding lawyers, but when you work for us everything is working and now we have good attitude towards lawyers."

"I found David Share's name in the yellow pages and I was impressed to know that no up front fee was required. I wanted an insurance company to pay me my disability benefits."

"The staff were very helpful and responsive and also supportive through the stressfulness of this process."

"I found Mr. Share and all the other individuals I worked with helpful and informative. I was made to feel as though I was the only client. Every step of the way I was provided guidance and was assured by them of all legal issues. The staff responded to my questions and calls promptly and I was never left guessing about any issues. My situation was handled professionally and I came away satisfied that all was done that could be."

Danielle Lamer
"Everyone was very competent, and professional and provided prompt, effective and knowledgeable service. This was a very scary situation for me that I thought would never end."

"I became aware of the office of Share Lawyers after reading an extremely well written and informative article entitled "Income Tax Consideration in Long Term Disability Cases" which was written by a staff member from Share Lawyers, Mr. Steven Muller. At the time that I read this article, I was receiving long-term disability benefits and did not need a lawyer. However, when the insurance company decided to discontinue my LTD benefits one year later, I knew that I needed a good lawyer."

Sonya Kimberley Sauve
"I'm a definite "rookie" when it comes to lawyers and not always so trusting. At every point of my legal experience there was someone to not only guide me, but more important (to me) make me feel at ease and gave me the confidence to face the 'others'. You all were as good to me in the beginning as you were in the end and I thank you all."

Jacqueline E. Warvill
"I found Share Lawyers very informative and understanding towards my needs. They kept me up to date on the status of my claim. They were very prompt in returning calls and answering all my questions. If whoever you were talking to was not sure of an answer, they would find the answer and call back."

"My pain created such a negative existence for me that I was beyond frustrated by the time I decided to approach Share Lawyers. I felt embarrassed and self-conscious and was made to feel responsible for my illness by the insurance company. My first meeting with Mr. Share was a combination of patience and trust. I had real difficulty getting there and Mr. Share waited and actually listened to me. I had talked about my pain condition to so many people with negative results that I was not sure that I could get any help. I thank Share Lawyers for a positive experience."

Barbara More
"I cannot thank you enough (Steven Muller) for the wonderful job you did on my behalf. You presented my case with such confidence and expertise, it immediately put me at ease. You were awesome! I feel really fortunate to have had you as my lawyer. Your quiet voice, calm, and slow speaking manner helped me to calm down and retain all that was going on. You were giving great advice and lots of encouragement along the way. Your negotation skills were brilliant! I have never seen anything like it before. My former experience at mediation with the union and the hospital was the complete opposite."

Sanford Simpson
"From the time I contacted you to the final settlement, I was always contacted and made aware of what to expect and not to expect regarding the attitude of Great West Life."

"I found Share Lawyers very friendly informative and understanding concerning my needs. Everything was very professional. Thank you for taking the care. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the team for all your hard work and dedication to my case."

"We are very pleased with the experience, excellent. Everyone was very helpful and we are very satisfied with the result."

"Thank you kindly for your help and co-operation. Please accept my sincere thanks for helping me out and saving me a lot of headaches and hassles."

Loretta Ova
"Great job!! Keep up the great work you are all doing. I don't think there is anything that I would improve. Great Firm!"

Eileen Lorenc
"My experience with Share Lawyers was excellent. I would definitely recommend this firm."

Thomas J. Davidson
"Thank you Share Lawyers for your hardwork, perseverance, and patience. Without you and your teams diligence and effort it would not of come to the successful results that you accomplished."

Denny Vettese
"It was a pleasant and non stressful experience. No improvement needed. Great Job!"

Ahsar Butt
"A job well done! I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone."

Angel Sun
"Very professional and knowledgeable. They lead me all the way regarding my case and stayed with me until it was settled. Thank you to Steven Muller and Shira Bernholtz for answering all my questions regarding my case."

Tina Morgan
"I felt confident that I had the level of representation that was equal to what the insurance company would bring to bear. Your firm gave me peace of mind! I was happy with the results. In the end it was my choice to settle but David was willing to take it all the way had I wanted to."

Janet Hollies
"I am forever in your debt for taking on my case. I'm sure Great West Life would have dragged my case on for years until I got frustrated and quit out of anger and frustration. If I didn't have Share Lawyers representing my interests, a satisfactory conclusion would have never happened."

Jennifer Peters
"Great. At the initial consultation I felt comfortable and felt listened to as well as informed."

Steve Gutwillig
"I was very happy with how Share Lawyers treated me. Their staff was fair and compassionate. I was very satisfied with the results."

"When I first met David Share, he told me my case was documented enough by my psychiatrist and general practioner, but I had my doubts because of what Great West Life had stated "I was fit to perform the esesential duties of my work", as I said I did not have much hope. To say the least I am elated with the results. It was beyond my wildest expectations."

Raymundo Aquino
"I found it easier and faster than I expected. I'm glad my claim with Manulife is now settled and over. I'm happy with the outcome of everything regarding the process and the amount agreed and settled by Manulife."

Pleasant, professional, quick!! The staff was professional, thorough, and prepared me for the process. Everyone was supportive, helpful and glad to listen! (or answer any question, no matter how 'dumb')."

"I was surprised and amazed to find out that all the staff are knowledgeable and understanding of my illness, Fibromyalgia. There are some doctors that have less knowledge about Fibromyalgia than the staff at Share Lawyers."

Davinda Chopra
"My experience with your company was excellent. I was more than satisfied. Everyone was very helpful, responsive and professional. Thank you."

Colleen Brigley
"From the moment I contacted Share Lawyers until the day my matter was successfully completed I felt that DSA assumed all the stress and responsibility on my behalf."

Deborah Blair
"I contacted Share Lawyers about an insurance claim. The lawyers have worked diligently on my case. I am happy with their work. Thanks!"

Joey White
"Thank you so much for all your hard work, your being loyal and your dedication and heart."

Carol L.
" Big thanks; you helped save my life! Excellent - no complaints. Definitely referrring you to my friends and family."

Pam H.
"Excellent, very efficient team who is compassionate about what they do and cares about their clients."

Sean Forrester
"My experience has been excellent. Share Lawyers have treated me well and are very professional."

"Very supportive; Steven Muller was helpful, truly caring and explained matters in an understandable way."

Deborah Culbert
"Never having had this experience I did not know what to expect. After first meeting with David Share, he had determined that I had a case, explained the process, told me who to contact with questions, gave me an idea of how long this would take and cost."

"It was a pleasure working the David Share and his team. I would definitely hire them again."

"Mr. Share was professional and sensitive in his understanding of my pain and suffering."

"I found Steven Muller's representation at mediation to be professional, helpful and human. I would most definitely recommend and refer your services."

Estella Charles
"My experience with Share Lawyers was that the team was efficient, knowledgeable, pleasant, reassuring, timely and effective."

Janet French
"At the first meeting with David Share the plan for my case was outlined very clearly."

"My experience with Share Lawyers was a pleasure."

Ms. Cindy Isaac
"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the team at Share Lawyers for all your hard work and dedication..."

"I can say with absolute certainty that your practice is one of the best in Southern Ontario. It is highly organized, incredibly professional and possessed the highest level of expertise and knowledge."

John C. Barrett
"I found Share Lawyers to be a jewel in the wilderness of big business. David himself met me on our first meeting and after listening patiently, he offered sound advice, made me feel comfortable, and rekindled my hope for a fair settlement."

Michelle Browning
"From the first meeting with David Share right through to the mediation my experience with DSA was very pleasant. David handled my mediation very professionally, but also made me feel very comfortable by explaining everything in detail as the proceedings went on. What started off to be a very stressful morning ended up as a pleasant experience thanks to David Share."

Excellent experience! From the bottom line to the tip everyone was amazing and respectful. Steven Muller, Wow! Shira Bernholtz, Great! Volker, very friendly and helpful…. Thank you for your patience. I wish I would have called you first when the insurance company and my employer started to harass me and denied me my benefits. Mr. Share, you have my utmost respect and gratitude, along with your staff as well.

Larry Sheard
My experience with Share Lawyers was positive; the people were helpful and polite.

David Share achieved a settlement with my LTD. It was a year battle with Great West Life.

Nancy Peacock
When I first came to David Share, I truly thought I would not even have a case. They made me feel positive about winning a financial settlement. I was very worried and nervous the year that we waited to get to mediation. DSA were quick to claim and assure me each time I called with questions. The support staff were very courteous and respectful. I am very pleased with the results. I can pay off debt and relax a little financially.

Peter Falke
My insurance company declined to pay me my LTD payments. I was in shock and depressed wondering what I was going to do next. Fortunately, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for Share Lawyers. It’s the best thing that happened to me. Without them I was helpless.

Nancy Szenes
Despite my general tendency to avoid lawyers, I found myself with no reasonable alternative and was greatly relieved by the attitude of all with whom I dealt with at Share Lawyers. Not only were they excellent representatives for my case, but always acted very professionally as well as respectfully and helpful.

Zoila Davila
Thank you so much, may you always be as happy as you make others.

Lynda Elvy
It is with heartfelt appreciation that I thank you so very much for the wonderful job on my dispute. Without the assistance of your firm a successful outcome would have been doubtful.

Floro San Buenaventura
"First of all, the moment I stepped in at your office I met people who are very courteous and professional. When I stated my case, I felt so secure because of the staff’s knowledge and expertise. I feel at home and I would definitely recommend you to my friends and any person who is requiring legal assistance."

Sheryl Flank
Thank you so much for all you and everyone in your office has done to help me. I am so very grateful that I found your firm.

Working along with Share Lawyers was positive. It was made clear from the start that my case would have a great outcome which made me feel confident. Also, I was kept updated through letters, phone calls and meetings. The staff always returned phone calls and me it clear to never hesitate should I have any questions or concerns.

I was provided by your law firm yeoman service. Your firm is the real deal, professional, efficient, successful and honest. The people that work in your law firm understand the concept of team work. I was always treated with respect and no question went unanswered nor was ignored. I was absolutely satisfied with the results.

David McDevitt
Straightforward and open. Many thanks.

Dong Huang
Thank you very much for your great job, you helped me 3 years ago and I appreciate all your help.

Wilf Toop
My experience with Share Lawyers was they were very easy to talk to, very approachable. They answered all my questions promptly and efficiently. Advice was in my best interest not just for themselves. They work together as a great team.

Sheryl Flank and Family: Elisha, Ashley, Nathaniel and Kate
Dear Steven, David, Christine... Thank you so very much for your outstanding performance and legal services! WOW!!! You people are amazing.

Bonita Urata
Your firm gave me peace of mind right from the beginning. I was able to relax and not worry knowing you were in my corner. I can’t thank you enough.

I have very high regard in the manner by which the company and staff handled my case from the very beginning to the end. You performed the case very efficiently and satisfactorily in every possible situation. I appreciate all that you did to finalize the agonizing experience that haunted me for the past two years.

Dolores Leclerc
The matter was handled efficiently from the onset. It only required one visit to the office and the rest of the business was conducted over the telephone. The staff were appropriate, helpful. Calls were returned promptly. Everyone was businesslike, “professional” yet they dealt with me in a “personal” manner.

My experience was fantastic! The staff were very professional, kind and understanding to my needs.

Petra Conn
To David, and all others involved with the persistence used to win my case. It was a very long tug of war, but you guys did it.

Donna Ryan
"I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude, for meeting with me and taking my disability claim and winning my case."

Shawny Cameron
Any questions or concerns that I had were answered immediately.

Robert Karsseboom
Happy New Year to you, and all your associates. I will be graduating in April, (with honours I might add) thanks partly due to the success of my lawsuit, which encouraged me to go back to school and finish my social work degree.

Gurcharan Chahal
Very happy – service is very good.

I found the staff was very informative. From day one when I met with David Share, he explained my position and was very patient to answer all of my questions. Steven was extremely helpful and explained accurately the process. Although the process was slow, by no fault of Share Lawyers, we were happy to finally have the matter concluded.

Jovina D’Souza
David, thank you for taking my case. God bless you in your efforts to help people like me. With best wishes,

Gordon Platt
I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for representing me in a disability case. Since this was the second time I had been inflicted with chronic fatigue symptoms that made me unable to work, it was refreshing to know there was an alternative process for discovery and resolution.

Debbie Morin
Thank you so much for taking me on as a client and obtaining a great settlement from the insurance company. The fact that all of my case was handled via “long distance” was amazing.

Benita Urata
Your firm gave me peace of mind right from the beginning. I was able to relax and not worry knowing you were in my corner. I can’t thank you enough. Since I lived so far away, you were able to conduct everything by phone and email, which helped me immensely.

Chester Bera
My experience was excellent, and they are very qualified. I would not have received any monies without their help.

Z. Davila
"My experience with your firm and staff were very good, especially Shira. She did an excellent job, she is very professional. I was very satisfied, it could not be more rewarding."

I was very pleased with Shira and Steven. They worked very hard and I appreciated the late evening phone calls to reassure me. Shira was amazing and I appreciated her long phone calls.

John Barbaro
I will always be grateful to Mr. Share and his staff for the hard work and it saved me a lot of heartache.

My experience with Share Lawyers was very good. Steven, Thank you

Judy Samuels
It has been quite a lengthy case, one is now settled and the last one is still pending. When I was fired by my employer due to my disability, Share Lawyers actually referred me to an employment lawyer to see about recouping damages.

Your firm gave me peace of mind the moment you accepted my case. I had confidence in you. I was very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism. It was a very pleasant and satisfying experience.

Kulwant Sandhu
From the very first meeting everyone was very professional, courteous and considerate. I needed a good lawyer and I got a great legal team. Every time I talked to Shira, she was very pleasant and always answered my questions to my satisfaction, she was very helpful.I am extremely happy with the results. I would definitely recommend your firm to anyone experiencing the trauma of fighting for their rights when faced with a personal injury. Keep up the good work, your team is doing wonderful work.

Michael Teo
Everyone was extremely professional and efficient. Everyone along the way from the receptionist to the lawyers themselves was very helpful, including David Share.

Irene Barron
Professional, understanding and compassionate which makes you feel comfortable about what they’re doing.

Jeny Breau
When I came to David’s office he didn’t make me wait, he took me right away. We sat down to talk about my case, he told me what he was going to do and then he did it.

Monique Morin
David, I would like to thank you very much for all the hard work you put into settling my case with the insurance company. My case was very emotional to me, since the insurance company had cancelled my disability so suddenly which left us in a financial strain.

Susan Petch
Our experience with DSA was excellent. We felt that we were very well treated and from the moment we left the offices of DSA we knew that we had found someone who believed us finally! As a result we felt that a gigantic load had been taken off our shoulders.

Eve DeCicca
Thank you to David Share for telling me I had a case. To Shira Bernholtz for guiding me in telling me what information was required and specifically to Kirk Sloane although this experience was stressful, you shed some light and helped me feel at ease.

Jacqueline DaSilva
Steven, you made my life that much easier. Thank you

William Priddell
From the first phone call Mr. Share and Mr. Muller were very professional. My options were clearly outlined as well as an understanding of the process to through.

Monica B. Gwizdala
I would like to THANK YOU ALL for your professionalism and hard work ... and last but not least, a successful outcome with respect to my legal matter.

Excellent, courteous, professional service all around. Thank you.

Ron Campbell
My life was in turmoil during my illness. I lost everything because my insurance company would not pay my claim. David Share helped me get what I was entitled to and I can now start my life again and concentrate on getting better.

Excellent, good support, answered all my questions. I never had a bad call or experience. I am glad it is over.

I found them to be very professional and knowledgeable in the law. I felt comforted when they had accepted to take my case. It was a big load off my shoulders.

Melwyn Gallardo
Wonderful and professional!

Kirsten Chase
Thank you so very much Wendy for your support and wise telephone guidance last week. After 7+ years of dealing with the insurance companies relentless pressure regarding my low back condition and partial disability payment, it was eye opening and refreshing to speak to someone who understands what I’ve experienced thus far, and can advise going forward.

David, I just wanted to say that now I am not so shell-shocked, I truly do realize you got me a brilliant result at the pre-trial.

Antonietta Amerato
It had its ups and downs during this battle with the insurance company, but in the end I knew this firm would come through for me.

Excellent. I found everybody to be very helpful. My experience with DSA it was very good and very prompt. I found the staff to be very helpful and very responsive. I was very satisfied with the result obtained.

G & S Gardiner
David, Sharon and I would like to thank you and your team for helping us through this stressful ordeal. You all did a great job getting them to the table.

T.G. & Family
I would like to express my gratitude and thanks towards David Share, Steven Muller, Shira Bernholtz, Janice Grevler and all associates who represented my cases (LTD and car accident).

John-David Graham
My initial consultation with David set my mind at ease after battling with my insurance company. David read my files and shortly thereafter, told me that he felt my case was worthy of representing me. I left the office feeling confident in David Share’s firm to look after me.

Very professional, comfortable experience. Shira was amazing throughout the entire process. Your service was great, no complaints.

Upon meeting with David Share, we became sure that we had made the right choice. Insurance companies are more than a handful to deal with, and we needed someone with the experience, and clout of David Share. He clearly provided us with some options, what would follow up with each option and what our best bet was. The confidence showed gave us great relief knowing that someone had our best interests in mind, and would work diligently to obtain our desired result.

You were very positive, respectful and attentive to my case. I appreciated being heard. After being treated so negatively by the insurance company for so long, even when everything was well documented, your firm gave me confidence and returned my dignity and credibility.

Errol Van Sluytman
My experience was professional and honest. The staff was very helpful and qualified. I have no concerns with the service, so I see no reason for improve. To all the staff at DSA, thank you and keep up the good work.

D. E.
Overall, my experience was very good. Kurt Sloane gave me very good advice during the mediation which resulted in a larger settlement. His knowledge and experience of the mediation process provided reassurance and resulted in a larger settlement.

Deborah Morin
From the first conversation with David, I felt a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. To speak with someone with expertise who understood the frustration I was facing with the insurance company was so very helpful. I cannot express how much I appreciated having such great people as my advocates.

Shira, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the large amount of time you patiently and kindly spent with me on the phone today, answering my questions in detail, offering support and information, systematically dismantling so many supposed "truths" and reasons for denying me what is mine, as proof that I cannot possibly be telling them the truth and making light of the multitude of symptoms which have robbed me of my life as I once enjoyed it.

To all the staff at David Share’s Emporium of Good Deeds. To be broken down, kicked to the curb, sent on wild goose chases, all with dead ends, my plight seemed hopeless, and ethereal. To finally crawl out from this looming darkness and into the “glorifullness”, the professional care of DSA, spawned a new day dawning for me, and I thank all that contributed to our success.

I found Share Lawyers to be professional, caring, knowledgeable, and honest. I felt an extreme amount of confidence in the firm.

I just wanted to thank you David, again for everything, especially trying to get as much of a settlement for me as possible.

Excellent! Staff were Absolutely Amazing! Thank you for putting words to what they did to me and fighting with and for me.

Very professional treatment. Quick resolution was appreciated very much.

I was taken aback by the settlement amount. I didn’t know or expect such a big amount for my settlement. I am truly grateful to DSA. I would highly recommend your firm. Now I can breathe, I am able to pay my debts and then some.

As I’m sure you know, Steven Muller settled by case yesterday (expertly, I might add). I’m incredibly happy with the result and with the fact that I’ll be able to breathe and move forward.

M.B. and family
Thank you for handling my case and settling for my future.

My experience with DSA has always been prompt and courteous from the young women who sit at the receptionist desk to the lawyers. The staff was always responsive anytime I called or came to visit with the lawyers. I am very satisfied with my result.

My experience with Share Lawyers was pleasant

It was a pleasant experience in the context of a difficult set of circumstances.

I would like to thank you for handling my case in such a proficient manner and to reach a settlement so quickly.

My husband Mike and I would like to thank you so much for helping us move on with our lives. You made a difference.

Knowledgeable, experienced, and professional.

It was a very pleasant experience and all the staff were caring and answered all my questions.

My experience with DSA was positive. Especially Shira Bernholtz and Kirk Sloane.

Marlene Dayman
From the first phone call to DSA, I knew I had made the right decision. I went immediately from an extremely stressful situation as I tried to fight my own case against the insurance company to one of support, information, action, and compassion. Communication was key.

Frank Caputo
Couldn’t ask for a better experience. All service professionals could learn from your firm. Every individual that I spoke to in your firm was very eager to help and/or find answers to my queries.

Deborah Bardell
My experience with Share Lawyers was empowering and rewarding. I will never hesitate to use their services again or to recommend them to anyone! Thank you!


Mario Peschynski
Very positive, understood my emotional feelings. Supportive in every way and even encouraging! Always treated me as a person in a caring way.

Everyone was very helpful and pleasant. You did everything you could.

George Horrell
The staff were very friendly and after being called, response back was quick. I was very satisfied in the end. David Share did a great job.

I had an excellent client experience with Share Lawyers. They are very professional. They know what they are doing. Case is strategically analyzed. They go into details. Mr. Steven Muller is an excellent negotiator, a requirement which many lawyers do not understand. He is perfect.

Robert Weatherall
My experience with Share Lawyers started when my insurance company refused my disability claim for a stress related illness. After a brief internet search I found DSA. After reading through the past cases and the payment policy I immediately filled out the online assessment.

Barbara Steward
My experience with David Share was excellent. The staff was very helpful and responsive. I was satisfied with the results. There is no way to improve. You and your team are the best.

I most appreciatively express my profound thanks for all that you have done! Wendy, I was most impressed and touched by your prompt response to my email of inquiry, to our initial conversations of assurance, of endless information, consideration, and patience which lead me to your doors to engage this firm to represent me. You certainly set the tone for what was to follow over the next few months.

Patricia Patterson
An extremely efficient and professional experience from start to the successful resolution and settlement. Absolutely all the staff was always helpful, professional, and friendly from support staff to the legal team – in particular, Steven Muller.

E-Anne Dahmer
Very reassuring and supportive experience form the onset to the end result. Not once did I ever feel that I was a nuisance or given any kind of thought that I had no chance of being as able as I was to see the whole experience through.

John Cochrane
First class service, honest and competent. 100% satisfied. I believe you are great just as you are.

Ronald Hoven
It was my first experience dealing with any law firm. Scary at first, but I was put at ease very quickly by David and his team.

Very understanding and helpful, especially Ms. Bernholtz, returning calls on time!

I will certainly advise those who need your services of your professionalism and your dedication to each cause you handle. That was certainly the case in my situation.

Excellent and professional. Great team approach and great response.

Karen Windover
Thorough! Everything was explained clearly and always able to ask questions. The gift cards for referrals was an unexpected surprise as was the pen set.

I can’t find the right words to express how grateful I am for everything that you’ve done.

Excellent. Truly grateful for coming in contact with the office of Share Lawyers. Always confident that my claim was being handled in the best possible manner. I will always be thankful to David for taking my claim and giving me the reassurance to win my case!

Very informative. Relieved feelings. I felt all the time that I was in good hands.

I would like to thank Kirk Sloane and everyone else who helped me in my time of need. Everyone was very professional and made me feel at ease.

Our experience with DSA was very good. When we sit with you, you give us good advice.

Sema Firestone
I was helped with a disability suit in a very professional manner. Everyone I was in contact with was friendly and helpful.

John Castles
Overall I am happy with the outcome. Mr. Muller was great to work with. Naturally more would have been nice, but I am happy.

Great customer service, helpful people, to the point, knowledgeable, respectful. I lost the ability to do my job, as well as many more related jobs.

Hannelore Singh
My experience with David Share was very pleasant.

David Cryderman
My experience was very gratifying, from my first visit with Mr. Share to my final visit to receive my cheque. Your staff could not have been more responsive or helpful.

Dr. M.A.
I was very confident in the winning of my case when I first met Mr. David Share. Mr. David Share has such an excellent and pleasing personality but I will always remember his professional approach to my case.

Trevor Webb
I found DSA did a wonderful and professional job in handling my claim, it took more time than I thought, but the outcome was successful. I wish to thank them for their hard work they did to resolve my claim.

Geroge Pelletier
DSA were very understanding and informative. They made the situation stress free and I was very pleased with the results.

Sandra Cutler
I was treated with compassion and respect. Felt I had someone on my side against the corporate world. I was updated regularly.