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Review Carole B.

The experience was a pleasant one. The circumstances that prompted me to enlist your help were very stressful and difficult. I truly needed a professional team to represent, defend and advocate my rights and my situation, which your firm did from the very first meeting. All questions were answered promptly and professionally. The staff made the stress and situation easier to bear as I felt I wasn’t alone to deal with the insurance company. I believe the best possible results were obtained given the circumstances and situation. My case file was very thoroughly searched by your firm, we were as best prepared as we could be. However, the insurance company had its own mandate and despite efforts to reach a more equitable sum for a lump sum settlement, we could only obtain what they decided they were willing to give/concede. I wish I could feel less bitter, angry and cheated by this and also by the process that is very stressful and grueling, but this is no reflection of the professional way my case was handled by your firm. I am grateful and thankful that I had someone by my side for a change and who championed my cause to the best that it could be.