Professionals Coping with COVID-19 Burnout and Your Long-Term Disability: Canada

Professionals Coping with COVID-19 Burnout and Your Long-Term Disability: Canada

Self-employed professionals and business people have faced the same challenges we all have faced during the pandemic. Yet particularly in the health care fields, the strain of practicing your profession, coupled with navigating the public health directives and the constant fear of exposure to a potentially debilitating virus, has put extraordinary stress on your ability to cope with these uncertain times.

While self-employed people are usually quite driven and ambitious and may have even thrived through the special demands placed on them through the COVID-19 crisis, others may have found themselves struggling through this period and found they were unable to carry on as usual.

If you are in this latter category and are thinking of submitting a long-term disability claim in Ontario or across Canada, or if you have submitted a claim under your LTD policy, you probably did this with great reluctance, and maybe even saw it as a last resort. For those of you who were forced to submit a claim, the claim was reviewed and approved after the insurance company scrutinized your claim. 

For others, you may still be waiting for a decision while the insurance company requests more and more information – both medical and financial – as a necessary part of determining entitlement.  Any medical condition including COVID-related burnout would qualify for long-term disability, as long as your doctor supports your claim.

If you are in limbo with a claim decision pending – or worse, a justified claim that has been denied – you should not give up.  We are disability insurance lawyers, and we urge you to contact us to review your situation to see if we can help you recover the benefits to which you are entitled, and for which you have probably been paying many years.

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