Pregnancy and COVID: Kelly’s Story

Kelly had been thrilled when she first found out she was pregnant when she was 36. She was less excited when she realized she’d be giving birth during a pandemic. The thought of raising a child in the middle of a global health crisis only compounded the normal pressures that everyone faces when starting a family. 

It also made it extremely difficult to concentrate at work. Kelly worked as the bookkeeper for a local construction company, and while many aspects of her job could be done remotely, her employer would not sign off on a full-time work from home arrangement. She still had to make the trip to the office on a semi-regular basis, and each trip made her anxious about what she would bring home. 

The company’s new financial troubles only exacerbated that situation. Kelly’s employer lost a significant number of contracts due to COVID-19, and was forced to downsize in response. Kelly was soon getting inundated with unpaid invoices and angry calls from people wondering when they would get their money.  The terrible work environment increased the amount of pressure that Kelly faced on a daily basis. She decided to take stress leave when she reached her 12 week mark, knowing that she was making mistakes at work.  She went on EI for 15 weeks and then applied for her LTD benefits. until the baby was born and then she was going to receive her maternity benefits.

Her insurance company denied her long term disability benefits, so she had no income for about 3 months before the baby was born.  Kelly started feeling better after her baby was born. She started her maternity benefits, but her employer wanted Kelly back as soon as possible.  She felt that if she did not return early from her maternity leave, she would lose her job completely.

That’s when she decided to reach out to Share Lawyers after seeing an ad on TV. They confirmed her suspicions when they told her that going back to work part-time could jeopardize any benefits she might receive in the future, since those benefits would be based on her part-time rate instead of the full-time rate she had before.

It could also affect her eligibility in a disability claim. If she returned to work and did well, the insurance company could argue that her anxiety did hinder her performance. If she struggled, Kelly would be at risk of losing her job.

Kelly was grateful that Share Lawyers was able to give her a better sense of her options and her rights as an employee. She no longer feels like she has to make an important decision alone, and is ready to stand up for herself as she moves forward with the next phase of her life!

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