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1. Wash the Rice well with plain water.
2. Soak Rice in fresh plain water for 1 hour.
3. Drain water from the soaked Rice.
4. Boil the Milk in a deep Non-Stick Pan /
Cook-n-Serve Pan and add soaked Rice to it
(after draining water).
5. Reduce heat and cook on minimum heat,
stirring continuously, till the milk is reduced
to about one-half of its original quantity and
the Rice gets cooked. It will take about 60 to
70 minutes.
6. Add sugar and keep stirring for 5 to 10
minutes (DONOT add honey at this stage if it
is being used in place of sugar. Add honey at
the last stage after the desert has cooled
7. Add condensed milk, raisins, chopped
Almonds and chopped cashew nuts and
keep stirring for a couple of minutes.
8. Remove heat and add crushed cardamom.
9. Allow the dessert to cool down and add
honey according to taste if sugar has not
been added at step number 6 and honey is
being used in its place.
10. Serve warm or refrigerate to
store and serve cold.
Important Notes:
1. If honey is used in place of Sugar then it SHOULD
NOT be added at the stage when sugar is added in the
method at Sr. No. 6 mentioned below. Complete all the
8 steps except step number 6, remove the pan from
heat and allow the dessert to cool down and then add
honey to it. Honey SHOULD NEVER be added to hot
dishes. It should only be added to warm or cold dishes.
2. It may be noted that Milk, Basmati Rice and Sugar are
the basic ingredients of this dessert. All the other
ingredients mentioned at Sr. No. 4 to 8 are optional and
can be used depending upon availability and individual
taste etc. The quantity of these optional ingredients can
also be increased or decreased for similar reasons.
- Full Fat Milk: 1 Litre
- Basmati Rice: 4 tablespoons
- Sugar: 6 tablespoons
- Sweet Condensed Milk: 6 tablespoons
- Raisins: 1 tablespoon
- Chopped Almonds: 1 tablespoon
- Chopped CashewNuts: 1 tablespoon
- Cardamom: 4 pieces crushed
Time it Takes:
Preparation: 60 Minutes
Cooking: 80 Minutes
Submitted by Tarun S. - Mississauga
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