Share Perspectives February 2020

a PERSPECTIVES A Newsletter for clients and friends of Can the Insurance Company Deny Your Disability Claim if you have PTSD? The short answer is yes - even if you have a medical diagnosis. Here’s a story very similar to a case that we recently won for a client. Derrick’s issues began when he was 44, following an unexpected altercation with an unruly commuter on the SkyTrain. After the incident, the authorities rapidly intervened and Derrick had emerged physically unscathed, but the incident proved to have a much more significant impact psychologically. The attack had caught Derrick completely off guard. He still didn’t know what had provoked it, or what steps he could take to prevent a similar incident in the future. As a result, Derrick soon found that he was jumping at shadows, looking for a potential assailant around every corner and behind every door. Spaces that had once felt safe now felt hostile and unwelcoming. He started experiencing panic attacks that were severe enough to affect his performance at work and to stop him from making it to the office. The situation soon became untenable, so Derrick stopped working and applied for his Short Term Disability Benefits through work. When that ended he applied for long term disability benefits through h is gr oup benefits at work, to give hi msel f time to get his panic attacks under control. Unfortunately, Derrick received yet another shock when that claim was denied despite an official diagnosis from his doctor. Derrick was terrified. He knew that he wasn’t healthy enough to fulfill the responsibilities of his job, but he didn’t know how to make that case to his insurance provider. The answers and advice he found online were always different or even downright contradictory. Derrick checked out the Share Lawyers website and discovered IN PERSON IN PERSON, cont. We Help Clients Canada-Wide* (*excluding Quebec) 2 3 +PLUS ASK A LAWYER REFER A FRIEND COMMUNITY NEWS FREE DISABILITY BOOKLET Call 1-888-777-1109 for your free copy of Disability Benefits Denied: What To Do When The Insurance Company Denies Your Disability Claim. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? Go to to find out today! YOU SAID IT: “Very easy to deal with. Kept me informed the entire time.” - Henry Z. NO FEES UNLESS WE WIN YOUR CASE​ ​ FREE Telephone & In-Person Consultation​ THIS ISSUE FIGHTING DISABILITY INSURANCE COMPANIES FOR O ER 30 Y ARS