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Maria’s fears began isolating her from both her husband

and her daughter.

Maria, worried about her condition, went to see a

doctor, and was diagnosed with postpartum depression.

She began treatment for her symptoms, but was worried

about the medication she was taking. However, Maria

felt like she was on the right path to enjoy the rest of the

time with her daughter. She was still not back to work

yet, but was confident that the medication would have

her back at work in a month or two.



Unfortunately, Maria’s daughter was not interacting

with her or her husband the way babies normally do.

She was not playing games, mimicking expressions or

gestures, and even engaging with toys, songs, or games

that Maria showed her. She would barely laugh, smile,

or even make eye contact. Concerned, Maria took her to

the doctor, and they felt she should be monitored for a

potential autism diagnosis.

After hearing this news, Maria felt her depression

come back again. She had no motivation to go back to

work, had trouble sleeping, and found that she had no

appetite, so she was very weak. After talking with her

husband, Maria decided to put in a claim for disability

benefits with her private policy provider.

The insurance company denied Maria’s claim based

on the fact that she was self-employed, insisting that

because she worked from home, her situation had not

drastically changed from when she applied to for the

policy. They stated that if she was well enough to take

care of her daughter, she should be well enough to work

from home.


Frustrated with her insurer, worried about both her

daughter’s condition and her own, and overwhelmed

with the expenses of raising a new baby, Maria thought

all hope was lost. She said as much to her sister when

they were out for coffee, and her sister mentioned

getting in contact with Share Lawyers. Maria was

doubtful, saying that she had no way to afford a lawyer

to look over her claim. Maria’s sister told her that there

were no fees unless they recovered money for her,

and encouraged her to go to a consultation. The Share

Lawyers team immediately got to work on Maria’s case,

assembling all the proper documentation.

At mediation a settlement was reached, allowing Maria

to focus on her family, without worrying about work.

In the meantime, Maria knows that she will get back to

work in the future, but wants to focus on healing and

making sure her daughter and husband are as healthy

and happy as possible.



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All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the

confidentiality of all involved.



The Share Lawyers Team celebrated

the beautiful summer weather, and

all the hard work they do with a visit

from the Ice Cream Truck! What a