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You Said It!
“No Matter how many times I say thank you, it is not
enough. You did a very good job in representing me.
I will recommend your services to anyone who needs
help with their claim denial.”
- Annalisa B., long-term disability claim
“I can’t tell you how reassuring it was to have your team
support me throughout my lawsuit. You have a loyal
and caring staff who was always there to answer my
questions and give me a boost of confidence.”
- Jasmine M., long-term disability claim
“Thank you all for your help with this difficult process. I
am glad I was referred to you by another lawyer.”
- Surinder K., long-term disability claim
Share Lawyers is a leading Toronto law firm focused
on insurance disputes in Ontario. Following an
accident or illness, Share Lawyers helps people to get
the support they need and deserve.
Please recommend Share Lawyers to your family
and friends with long-term disabilities who struggle
with private or group insurance claims.
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Share Lawyers is proud to announce ​
​Goodies for Giving, a dessert cookbook for the
community that will raise money for Kids Help
Phone. For every dessert recipe and picture you
email to
we will
donate $1 to Kids Help Phone!
Watch the campaign online! For every Facebook
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We can’t wait to work with you to make a difference,
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