DID YOU KNOW? Facts About Canada’s Aging Population

The number of seniors aged 65 and over in Ontario is expected to more than double, from 13.7% or 1.8 million people in 2009 to 4.2 million or 23.4%, by 2036.

Dementia affects approximately 8% of all people aged 65 and over, and almost 35% of persons aged 85 and over.

Facts About Canada’s Aging Population

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association reports that 74% of Canadians admit they have no financial plan in place to pay for long-term care in their retirement planning.

Current costs of care in long-term facilities can exceed $5,000 a month. Personal care at home ranges from $12 to $90 an hour.

One-in-five Canadians age 45 and over are providing some form of care to seniors who have long-term health problems.

Family caregivers are the invisible and hidden backbone of the health and long-term care system in Canada contributing over $5 billion dollars of unpaid care. SP

ASK A LAWYER: Long-Term Care Benefits
Long-Term Care Benefits

My mother is 67 and she has a long-term care policy. She needs assistance with some, but not all, daily tasks. How can I find out if she is eligible to receive long-term care benefits?

A careful examination of the policy provisions and how they should be interpreted is required to determine if she would qualify.

My father has Alzheimer's and his claim for long-term care benefits was denied because he forgot to make his last two premium payments. However, he never missed a payment prior to that. Is there anything we can do?

The circumstances that resulted in non-payment of the premiums should be reviewed, to see if the policy cancellation was handled correctly by the insurance company to determine if the cancellation may be overcome.

How does my insurance company recognize “long-term care?”

Although each individual policy may define the parameters of “long-term care” differently, it is generally recognized as a condition in which the policyholder is unable to perform activities of daily living without assistance. Serious physical limitations and severe cognitive impairment are grounds for receiving long-term care, either in an accredited facility, or at home with licensed medical visitation. SP