ASK A LAWYER: Lump-Sum Payouts
and the ‘Recurrent Disability’ Policy Provision

Can I request a lump-sum payout from the insurance company if I am receiving monthly benefits?

It is possible to request a lump-sum payout; however, many long term disability insurers will not be prepared to consider this option, and if they are, they may not be prepared to pay an amount that would be acceptable to many claimants. Insurers are often very suspicious regarding the motivation for such a request when monthly benefits are being paid, and will usually only consider paying out the claim for a significantly discounted amount.

My insurance company forced me to return to work even though I am disabled. I am struggling and cannot continue working. Do I have to submit a new claim?

The question of whether a new claim must be submitted if you cannot continue will usually depend on the “Recurrent Disability” provision in the policy, or the clause in the policy that deals with the impact an attempt at returning to work will have on future entitlement in the event that the return attempt fails. You should carefully review the policy terms in your specific case to see how this works in your particular circumstances. SP

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