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IN PERSON: Anthony Caproni Disability Benefits Terminated; Insurer Alleges Non-Compliance with Treatment

Anthony Caproni’s earliest memories involved spending time in his family’s barbershop. As a young man, he learned how to cut and shave hair from his father and began to work as a full-time barber after graduating from secondary school. When his father retired, Anthony inherited the shop, and it became his pride and joy. Thus, he embarked on what would become a forty-year career as a barber.

Repetitive Tasks Cause Disability

Anthony was in good health until his early fifties, when he began to experience concerning physical symptoms. It started out as tingling in his fingers. Then, numbness in his hands and wrists. Finally, the problem progressed into constant shooting pain and loss of strength in both of Anthony’s hands.

An MRI revealed carpal tunnel syndrome, a progressive condition caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist. Years and years of repetitive arm and hand movements that were a part of his job were now preventing Anthony from working.

George Christopoulos

Anthony’s doctor suggested rehabilitation and, if there were no improvements, surgery. One thing he was clear about was that Anthony should take a break from the barbershop or his condition could worsen.

Disability Claim Approved

Anthony submitted a claim for disability that was part of his life insurance policy. They approved the claim, allowing Anthony to focus on rehabilitation. He closed the shop indefinitely and visited his physical therapist twice a week.

Insurance Compa ny Alleges Non-Compliance with Treatm ent

Six weeks after Anthony was first approved for disability benefits, his case manager called and asked when he was scheduled for surgery.

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