Fast Facts about Vision Loss
Fast Facts about Vision Loss

  • Every 12 minutes, someone in Canada begins to lose their eyesight.
  • 75 percent of vision loss can be prevented.
  • People who smoke are three to four times more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration.
  • Common signs of vision loss include an increased sensitivity to light and glare, difficulty distinguishing colours, difficulty distinguishing objects from each other or recognizing faces, clumsiness, reduced night vision, trouble reading small print and viewing straight lines as wavy, such as the sides of a building.
  • increased introversion, shyness or depression are also a common sign of vision loss, especially in the elderly.
  • Having your vision checked on an annual basis by an Optometrist will ensure that vision loss is prevented, treated and managed accordingly.
Source: www.cnib.ca

IN PERSON: CHLOE BAROS (continued from page 1)


Chloe did not waste any time consulting with Janice Grevler, an experienced insurance lawyer at Share Lawyers. Janice confirmed what Chloe felt in her gut-- her insurance carrier had found a technicality to deny the claim. Fortunately, Janice assured Chloe that Share Lawyers would be able to challenge their decision.


Share Lawyers worked diligently to build a strong case against the insurance company for denying Chloe's critical illness benefit once their lawyer showed an interest in discussing a resolution.

Their poor excuse for denying the claim was that the medical information provided by Chloe's ophthamologist was incorrectly evaluated by their in-house specialists and interpreted as not qualifying as “blindness” under the policy. The insurer showed a willingness to reconsider

their decision once they got the message that their claimant meant business.


Chloe was relieved to have the lump-sum payment in her account as she prepared for an early retirement. Her disability had changed her life and presented many challenges that she now had to overcome. She was grateful not to have the added stress of keeping a roof over her head.

She retained Share Lawyers once again when her group insurance company cut her off of long-term disability benefits, and once again, Share Lawyers followed through on their commitment to protect her rights.SP

[All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.]