Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder
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The types and severity of BPD symptoms may differ from person to person because people have different predispositions and life histories, and symptoms can fluctuate over time. Common symptoms include:

  • emptiness associated with loneliness and neediness
  • paranoid thoughts and dissociative states in which the mind or psyche "shuts off" painful thoughts or feelings
  • self-image that can change depending on whom the person is with
  • impulsive and harmful behaviours such as substance abuse, overeating, gambling or high-risk sexual behaviours
  • non-suicidal self-injury such as cutting, burning with a cigarette or overdose that can bring relief from intense emotional pain (onset usually in early adolescence); up to 75 per cent of people with BPD self-injure one or more times
  • suicide (about 10 per cent of people with BPD take their own lives)
  • intense fear of being alone or of being abandoned, agitation with even brief separation from family, friends or therapist (because of difficulty to feel emotionally connected to someone who is not there)
  • impulsive and emotionally volatile behaviours that may lead to the very abandonment and alienation that the person fears
  • volatile and stormy interpersonal relationships with attitudes to others that can shift from idealization to anger and dislike (a result of black and white thinking that perceives people as all good or all bad). SP

[Source: www.camh.ca]

IN PERSON: Annie Martin (continued from page 1)

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[All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals mentioned.]SP