We are all familiar with the adages “kids say the darndest things” and “from the mouth of babes.” What is the most surprising piece of advice you have ever received from a child?

Inspiration Corner

“After my mother passed away, I had something of hers that I didn’t want to throw out. My daughter, in her young wisdom, said, ’Mom, if you throw that out it doesn’t mean you will forget your mother.’”
– Joy Nastaskin, Bookkeeper

“The two best pieces of advice I received from my son are: never clean a fish tank with baby powder - it doesn’t work.’ (He was about 3 if I remember correctly. He tried to be responsible and clean the tank himself.) And ’try to find something positive in all negative situations.’ He said this last month – he gets this outlook from me.”
- Trish Aguiar, legal assistant

“Catherine, age 5, the happiest kid, I know: ’If you turn on the music in your head, you can dance whenever you want.’

Matthew, age 9, regarding schoolyard woes: ’If people are mean to you, you should be nice to them so they learn to be nice, too.’

First aid tip from Owen, age 6: ’If you hurt your nose, never put a band aid over your nostrils, because then you won’t be able to breathe.’”
- Courtney Mulqueen, Associate Lawyer

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Comments From Actual Clients

“The staff were very dedicated and stayed on top of everything. I didn’t have to chase them down for answers”
– Reg V., long-term disability claim

“Excellent. Very understanding and informative. I was able to get a quick settlement and a fair one.”
– Jasmine L., personal injury

“Steven Muller went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable in the settlement meeting.”
- Debbis S., long-term disability claim

“Thanks once again for your hard work and dedication in fighting this case. At times, especially in mediation, things seemed hopeless. Great thanks to Mr. Kirk Sloane for making the impossible, possible.”
- J.D., long-term disability claim

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