Inspiration Corner:

What is something you can’t go without even for a day? Inspiration Corner

“I can’t go a day without coffee!”
– Trish Aguiar, Legal Assistant

“Kissing my sons in the morning before I leave home for work.”
- Shirley Blanco, Legal Assistant

“I don’t remember a day going by without listening to or playing music. I also need to go for a walk every day.”
- Volker Triebe, Senior Law Clerk

“A cup of tea. Actually, several cups of tea.”
- Shira Bernholtz, Client Service Lawyer

“You know how an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well I need a banana a day or I am just not the same.”
- Joy Nastaskin, Bookkeeper

“Coffee from Timmies made just the way I like it.”
- Emily Rimes, Law Clerk

you said it


“I was grateful for the way Share Lawyers handled my case. I was impressed with Steven Muller’s negotiation skills.”
– D. Hackett, long-term disability claim

“Any time I called, I always got a call back.”
– M. Gonzalez, personal injury claim

“I found Share Lawyers very professional and straight to the point without wasting anyone’s time. I love to deal with real professionals. My compliments to your operation!”
- B. Stefanski, long-term disability claim

”Share Lawyers handled my case with the least amount of stress on me...I was advised what to expect and all projections were delivered. I was satisfied with the service and results.”
- S.M. long-term disability claim

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Share Lawyers is a leading Toronto law firm focused on insurance disputes in Ontario. Following an accident or illness, Share Lawyers helps people to get the support they need and deserve.

Please recommend Share Lawyers to your family and friends. The firm particularly appreciates referrals of people with long-term disabilities who struggle with private or group insurance claims. When you recommend Share Lawyers, that is the best advertising we could have.

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