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IN PERSON: Charles Robinson, Truck Driver

39-year-old truck driver, Charles Robinson, was preparing a meal in his kitchen one evening after work when he suddenly blacked out. He hit his head on the granite countertop before falling to the floor and came to almost an hour later, disoriented and in pain. A few weeks after the accident, his seizures began.

Charles had never had a seizure before fainting and hitting his head. He visited his doctor and was ordered not to work until a medical diagnosis could be made, as a seizure on the job could put him and other drivers on the road at risk.

He was sad to take a leave of absence, but Charles understand it was for safety reasons. This rang true when he had two more seizures that were worse than the first one. Luckily he was at home.

Charles applied for short-term disability through his group insurance plan and was approved for benefits.


Charles was referred to a neurologist, who diagnosed him with epilepsy. The diagnosis effectively ended Charles´ career as a driver. The dizziness and fatigue caused by his medications and the aftereffects of the seizures also made finding another job almost impossible.

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When his short-term benefits ended, Charles applied for long-term benefits, but this time his claim was denied. The insurance company stated that there was “insufficient medical evidence” to support the claim for long-term disability benefits.

Charles appealed with more medical information and received a second denial. He appealed again with an extensive medical report written by his neurologist, but his insurer wouldn´t budge.

Charles began to feel that he was getting the runaround. He wanted to fight back but he just didn´t have the energy. All of his strength was focused on finding ways to cope with his new diagnosis. He decided to call a lawyer for help. His neurologist referred him to Share Lawyers.

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