Inspiration Corner: What Have the Tough Times in Life Taught You?

“To appreciate the good times.” – Courtney Mulqueen, Associate Lawyer

“The tough times in my life have taught me how strong of a person I truly am. Keep your head up, continue to move forward and hopefully everything will work itself out in the end.” – Trish Aguiar, Legal Assistant

“In tough times you find out who your real friends and family are.” – Joy Nastaskin, Bookkeeper

“That this, too, shall pass.” – Shira Bernholtz, Client Services Lawyer

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Comments From Actual Clients

“I just want to thank you for the excellent service and care that was given to me during the time of my case. It was shorter than I could have ever imagined....Thanks to Shira, who was most informative and helpful when I called for help or verification to anything I did not grasp or understand. The receptionists were well-suited to their job also. They accommodated us each time we came to the office. Thanks to Steven Muller, who handled our meeting with the other lawyers in such a great manner, his professionalism was first class. My husband and I were very thankful at how our settlement meeting ended.” – D.D., long-term disability claim

“Courtney Mulqueen was exceptional and she always managed my unavoidable feelings or emotional reaction in the most professional and courteous manner. She should be commended for her warm and endearing approach to her client’s individual
needs! – P.S., long-term disability claim


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