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IN PERSON: Joseph Wong,

28-year-old student, Joseph Wong, was in his third-year of dental school with a promising future ahead of him when a car accident changed his life.

One evening, after a long day of classes, Joseph decided to surprise his girlfriend with a bottle of wine and take-out. He hopped into his hatchback and started his drive to her apartment. There was heavy rain and rush-hour traffic at the time. Joseph was half-way through a busy intersection when a driver from the intersecting lane ran the red light and
t-boned his car on the driver’s side.


Joseph was in and out of consciousness when the police and ambulance arrived. At the hospital, it was determined that he had a broken collarbone, multiple lacerations, severe whiplash causing a concussion and a dislocated shoulder. The other driver had been luckier, and had walked away from the collision with minor soft tissue injuries.

Joseph underwent surgery on his collarbone. Since he had limited mobility, Joseph moved into his girlfriend’s apartment upon being released from the hospital so he wouldn’t be alone during his recovery

For weeks, he lay in bed worrying about school. His girlfriend, who became

Ethel & James

increasingly concerned for Joseph’s future, decided to contact a law firm with proven expertise in motor vehicle accidents. She found Share Lawyers after doing research on the Internet.

David Share met with Joseph and his girlfiend and recommended that a lawsuit should be commenced against the at-fault driver. He also reviewed the benefits Joseph was receiving through his own insurance company [Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS)] to make sure he was receiving all that he was entitled to. David told Joseph to focus on getting well while Share Lawyers looked after the legal claim.


Joseph eventually went back to school and tried to put the accident behind him.

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