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If My Disability Claim Was Denied, Am I Not Eligible For Benefits?

Disability Benefits - Question 118
If you have filed a disability claim and it has been denied, you are probably unsure of what to do next. Keep in mind that simply because your claim has been denied, this does not mean it is invalid. In fact, denying a disability claim is a commonly used tactic. While private insurance companies are tight-lipped about their claim-denial rates, government data offers an insight into the prevalence of the phenomenon. For example, most initial applications to the Canada Pension Plan (Disabilities Section) are not accepted. In fact, in a single year, 57% were rejected. Anecdotal evidence from many disability insurance claimants suggests a similar pattern in private insurance companies. Denial of your disability claim should not be seen as the end of the road for you or your claim. You may feel disheartened, but you should by no means abandon your claim. It’s encouraging to know that workers with every conceivable injury or illness, from all walks of life, have had disability claims denied. These include physicians, dentists, engineers, lawyers, and even insurance professionals. These individuals were unable to do their jobs and forced to use their disability insurance, only to find their claim was denied.

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