Free Consult & No Fees Unless You Win

Share Law Guarantee | Share Lawyers We understand that you are suffering from a serious injury or illness and are probably under a great deal of financial stress. For this reason, we do not ask you to provide any financial contribution at the beginning of the case. We only get paid if we recover money for you.

Our Lawyers fees are calculated as a percentage of the total amounts recovered. The percentage that is applicable to each client’s case is discussed fully before we start and is set out in writing in our retainer agreement, which includes an example of how the fee is calculated, so that there are no surprises when we conclude the case.

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When you become a Share Lawyers client, you immediately get access to your team of experienced and caring, professionals (including a designated client service lawyer and a team of litigators) as well as value from our Life Rebuilder Program, which supports you during and beyond your case and helps you to get all the pieces of your life back together.