Free Disability Consultation & No Fees Unless You Win!

We know how difficult things are for you right now.  You are unable to work because of an injury or illness and your insurance company who promised to be there in your time of need is not doing their job.  You are under a great deal of financial stress and don’t know what to do.  This is not right, and your insurance company should not get away with such behaviour.  Share Lawyers specializes in short term disability and long term disability claims. If your claim has been denied, we can help you!

You may feel that you can’t afford a long term disability lawyer, but that is not true.  Share Lawyers works on a contingency basis.  What this means is that there are no upfront costs and there are no fees unless we are able to settle your case.  Everything is result driven and we only get paid when you get paid.  It is part of our Share Law Guarantee.

Our maximum contingency fee percentage is 30%*

* Applicable to Retainers on or after July 1, 2021.
  • Disability Claims – our fees are calculated as a percentage of the total amounts recovered.
  • Employment Claims – we offer our services on either an hourly rate basis, a contingency-fee basis or in some cases a combination of both. We invite you to discuss what sort of fee arrangement is most suitable for you.
  • Litigated Claims and Lump Sum Buy-Outs – we offer our services on either an hourly rate basis, a contingency-fee basis or in some cases a combination of both. We invite you to discuss with our disability lawyers what sort of fee arrangement is most suitable for you.
  • Applications, Monthly-Claim Handling and Providing Opinions – we offer our services on an hourly rate basis, or in some cases we may consider a flat fee. Contact us to discuss our rates and fee arrangement that is most suitable for you.
  • If you are a Professional, Executive, or Self- Employed Click Here – the percentage that is applicable to each client’s case is discussed fully before we start and is set out in writing in our Standard retainer agreement that meets the Law Society rules.

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Why You Should Contact Our Team of Disability Lawyers

With Share Lawyers, you get experience.  For over 30 years, we have focused on claims against insurance companies for long term disability benefits, as well as other disability claims and insurance claims. We are Disability Lawyers that specialize in long term disability benefits. No other Canadian law firm has worked exclusively in this area as long as we have.  If your disability benefits have been denied and you are unable to work, Share Lawyers will aggressively fight for your rights with both determination and compassion. Having fought insurance companies on thousands of cases over the years, we are able to cut through their tricks and strategies and achieve outstanding results on behalf of our clients. The insurance companies know who we are and know that we will fight for you.

When Should I call Share Lawyers?

We are here to support you whether you are at the beginning stages and thinking to go off on a disability leave, in the process of submitting a claim, on a disability claim but have questions, or in the unfortunate event that you have been denied your disability benefits.  Our client service team and disability lawyers are knowledgeable and here for you in your time of need.  We can explain the process and use our over 30 years of experience to prepare you for any situation.  From your first phone call, you will see how much we care and that we are with you every step of the way.  Our hope is that we can take a little bit of stress away so that your focus can be on your health, as it should be.

If you don’t feel you are ready to speak to someone, we have lots of resources available online to answer your many questions including our booklets that give guidance when you have been denied your disability benefits or even when you are applying for benefits.  You can also visit at our Ask a Lawyer page where our lawyers have spent time answering common questions people have about being on a disability claim.

There are time limits to all claims and any delay in proceeding may be subject to a deadline so you should not delay in proceeding with your claim or obtaining  legal advice to clarify these deadlines.

The Added Benefits of Hiring Share Lawyers

When you become a Share Lawyers client, you immediately get access to your team of experienced and caring, professionals (including a designated client service disability lawyer and a team of litigators) as well as value from our Life Rebuilder Program, which supports you during and beyond your case and helps you to get all the pieces of your life back together.

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