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FAQ - Out of Country Medical Claims

A: Each policy contains unique wording, but most health insurance policieshave provisions that will cover you in the event that you get sick orinjured while traveling out of country. Obviously, you will not be ableto utilize these benefits at the time of injury. However, reimbursementfor medical costs is often withheld for unexplained or unfoundedreasons.
A: It is a smart move to involve an experienced lawyer, if your out ofcountry medical claim gets denied. This area of law can be complex anddifficult, and a skilled litigator can help you get the benefits youdeserve quickly.
A: Share Lawyers does not require a down payment or retainer from its out of country insurance clients. Our lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, where all costs are covered up front by our firm, and the lawyer collects his or her fee only in the event of a recovery.
A: There are time limits to all claims and any delay in proceeding may besubject to a deadline. You should not delay in proceeding with yourclaim or obtaining legal advice to clarify these deadlines.