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FAQ - Life Insurance Coverage Disputes

A: Each life insurance coverage policyholder names a beneficiary whobecomes the sole receiver of life insurance coverage benefits in theevent of the policyholder's death. A policyholder may name multiplebeneficiaries if needed.
A: Depending upon factors such as age, gender, lifestyle, occupation andrisk factors, your insurance agent put together a life insurancecoverage plan for the policyholder with specific amounts, usuallyaccumulated over time, to be distributed to the beneficiary upon death.The stated beneficiary may collect on the amount after providing proofof the policyholder's death.
A: The four main life insurance coverage policies are term life insurancecoverage, which pays your beneficiary a fixed amount of money upondeath, whole life insurance coverage, where premiums remain at a fixedlevel and the policy generally builds up cash value on a tax-deferredbasis, universal life insurance coverage, which allows the policyholder to adjust the death benefit and premium payments, and variablelife insurance coverage, where benefits and risk are determined in partby financial markets.
A: Once your life insurance coverage claim has been denied, we can offer afree consultation to determine if you have a chance of winning yourclaim.
A: Share Lawyers does not require a down payment or retainer from its life insurance coverage clients. Our disability lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, where all costs are covered up front by our firm, and the lawyer collects his or her fee only in the event of a recovery.
A: There are time limits to all life insurance coverage disputes and anydelay in proceeding may be subject to a deadline. You should not delayin proceeding with your claim or obtaining legal advice to clarifythese deadlines.