Do I Need A Lawyer For A Disability Claim?

Fibromyalgia Disability and Unable to Work

Alina, 28, didn’t know what was wrong with her but she knew something wasn’t right. She was always in pain, and always tired. She slept nine hours a night but still woke up tired, stiff, and sore. She found that she could not remember things as well as she used to and had difficulty concentrating at work. 


After several months of gradually feeling worse, she finally went to a doctor who told her she was suffering from fibromyalgia. Alina was shocked. She thought that fibromyalgia was just something people said they had when doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with them. Learning that fibromyalgia is a real and often misunderstood illness was a huge relief.


Alina wasn’t sure what to do next. She knew she was unable to work so she went to her company’s benefits manager. They weren’t particularly sympathetic, but they told her to apply for long-term disability benefits if she wasn’t able to work. Feeling alone and unsupported, she started thinking that contacting a long-term disability lawyer for a free consultation might be a good idea. 


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Do I Need A Lawyer To Get Disability Benefits?

When Alina spoke with a long-term disability lawyer at Share Lawyers, they made her feel much better. They informed her that if she was applying with the correct documents and if her insurance company processed her disability claim correctly, she should get approved for her long-term disability benefits. Share Lawyers also provided her with resources on how to apply for long-term disability benefits and suggested that she reach out to them if her claim was denied by the insurance company.


The disability lawyer Alina spoke with also offered some insight into what insurance companies look for when denying claims. If insurance companies find any inconsistencies in your medical records or if you have a pre-existing medical condition, they will use these as excuses to deny the claim. 


However, the disability lawyer also told Alina that if you don’t fight against a denied claim, you won’t get your benefits. By fighting the denial, you are also helping others with similar claims get their benefits approved. 


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If You Are Unable To Work, Don’t Give Up!

Insurance companies deny disability claims all the time. It doesn’t mean that your illness or injury isn’t real and it doesn’t mean that you will be forced to go back to work.


If your disability claim has been denied, you will likely be allowed to appeal the decision by providing additional information for the insurance company to review. In most cases, appealing the decision further delays the matter, and creates more anxiety and financial pressure for you. By proceeding with legal action, you are forcing the insurance company to take your claim more seriously.


Before you appeal, contact Share Lawyers. We have experience in disability law and will help you understand your options and figure out what to do next. Our sole focus is to ensure that you get the long-term disability benefits you need and we will advocate on your behalf to ensure that happens. 

If you have had your claim for long-term disability denied, contact the long-term disability insurance lawyers at Share Lawyers. Our experienced team of long-term disability (LTD) lawyers can help. We have recently settled cases against Canada Life, Desjardins, Manulife, RBC Insurance, Sun Life, and many more. We offer free consultations and there are no fees unless we win your case. Find out if you have a disability case.

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