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Serious Car Accident Claim Casestudy

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients

Craig Smith - The Long Road

Craig Smith always waited for the light to turn green when crossing the road. He had just stepped off the bus and as the light was green he started crossing the road. He could not have foreseen the university student speeding along the road with his father's brand new luxury car, who failed to obey the red light and crashed into Craig without so much as a blaring horn or an attempt at applying his brakes.

What followed for Craig's family was days and weeks of anxiety over whether he would survive. Following Craig's regaining of consciousness many weeks later and then the diagnosis of a serious brain injury, the family had no idea what they were up against in pursuing benefits and compensation they and Craig would need to put the pieces of their life back together.

This is when they hired Share Lawyers. They had been told conflicting things by two different insurance companies, each of whom claimed that they should be getting benefits from the other. They needed knowledgeable advice from lawyers who would protect their rights so that they could concentrate on Craig's needs.

Craig would need to replace his lost income so that he and his family could survive financially, and he would need extensive rehabilitation if he was to regain any semblance of a life following this catastrophe. There was also a large claim for pain and suffering.

Craig has never fully recovered from the effects of this accident. It was necessary to navigate the intricacies of the Ontario No Fault insurance system in order to maximize the resources and funds to be made available to Craig and his family. The insurance companies resisted at every turn, but with the assistance of Share Lawyers, the family was able to access numerous resources while their case proceeded through both the courts and the Financial Services Commission, ultimately receiving a large settlement negotiated on the court-room steps, in excess of $1,750,000.00.

The settlement included a provision that would ensure that there would be adequate funds paid out on a monthly basis for as long as Craig lived, and even beyond to provide for the security of his loved ones.

Craig's life will never be the same, but with the help of Share Lawyers he will have the funds he needs to ensure that his life is as full as it can be.