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What Is The Employer's Duty To Help An Employee Find Work After A Disability?

What is the employer’s duty to help an employee find work after a disability?
Disability Benefits - Question 142
An employer is required by law to accommodate a person with a disability to the point of “undue hardship”.  In simple terms this means they must do everything reasonably within their power to modify the disabled person’s job so that they are able to perform it, or offer them modified or alternative work.  Accommodation in the workplace following a disability will often take the form of a Graduated Return to Work, where the amount of shifts, hours and duties you perform gradually increase over a 4-12 week period.  If the employer has made those efforts, and despite these efforts is still unable to accommodate that person within that workplace or within that employer, they are under no obligation to help you find alternative work in the world at large. 
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