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What Is An Independent Medical Examination?

What is an independent medical examination?
Disability Benefits - Question 140
An independent medical examination or "IME" is an assessment carried out by a medical specialist who has never previously had the individual in their professional care. Technically, an IME is supposed to provide an unbiased and professional medical exam as evidence in legal matters such as disability, personal injury and motor vehicle accidents. The medical professional carrying out the examinations cannot be under the employ of the party requesting the IME; i.e., the insurance company or the plaintiff's legal representative. The technical definition is arguably a misnomer, because a party will request an IME in order to get a medical report that supports their position, whether they're on the side of the plaintiff or the defense, and will choose a doctor who they believe will be partial to their position. Insurance companies typically use the same doctors over and over again to have some control over the outcome of the report. An IME requested by the defense would be called a defense medical.
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