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Should I Make A Claim To WSIB Or To My Long-Term Disability Insurance?

I’m a welder. Lately I have been experiencing debilitating pain in my right shoulder, which I had injured at work 15 years ago, and I can no longer perform the duties of my job. My doctor diagnosed me with osteoarthritis in my shoulder and said the injury may have contributed to its development. Should I make a claim to WSIB at this point, or to my long-term disability insurance?
Long Term Disability - Question 5
If you have been able to work for many years after a work-place injury, it may be very difficult to make a claim to WSIB so far after the fact. If you had a prior WSIB claim related to this condition, you should consult with a WSIB expert to determine whether there is any possibility of re-opening your WSIB claim. With respect to claiming LTD, you should definitely pursue both STD and LTD if they are available to you as generally, the insurance company would not be able to deny your claim solely on the basis that it may have been caused by an injury in the workplace from many years ago. Most disability policies don’t allow the claim to be denied based on the “cause” of the disability.
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