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How Do I File A Disability Claim?

How Do I File A Disability Claim?

Filing A Disability Claim

If you are considering filing a disability claim against your insurance company, follow the list below, and give yourself the best shot at an approved disability claim!
  1. Make sure you file the claim in a timely manner to avoid missing deadlines and the Statute of Limitations
  2. Keep records of everything related to your disability case
  3. Take notes of your conversations with the insurance companies and your medical professionals
  4. Be honest with your doctor and when filing your claim – fraudulent or exaggerated claims can backfire on you, and can even mean serious criminal charges
  5. Read through your insurance policy – familiarize yourself with the part of your policy that dictates the proper procedure for filing a claim
  6. Be prepared to discuss every aspect of your claim
  7. Provide your experienced disability lawyer with the proper documentation of:
    - Your insurance contract
    - A complete medical history document, including doctor diagnoses, specialists visited, major test results, specific timeline of condition, and medications taken
    - All correspondence from the insurance company and your employer
  8. Thoroughly review everything given to you by the insurance companies – it could potentially be used against you during your case
  9. Be aware that active participation in public might be construed as proof that you are not disabled – the insurance companies may document this, even with video, and may use this against you
  10. File more than one claim at a time if you are disabled in more than one way – the insurance companies may tell you that you can only file one claim at a time but your policy covers your entire body and potentially all the ways it can be disabled
  11. Try to continue working as normal – by opting for fewer working hours because of your disability, you may be inadvertently giving up your disability benefits
  12. Remember that you should never settle for less than you deserve
  13. Contact Share Lawyers in the event that your claim is denied – after your claim has been denied or terminated, the earlier a lawyer is involved, the better your chances are of getting maximum benefits
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