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Long Term Disability Insurance

Long-term care disability(LTD) insurance is designed to protect individuals, employees, business owners or professionals who may need skilled nursing, intermediate care, or custodial care following an injury or illness.

This type of insurance may prove critical in covering the cost of long-term disability care, and preventing policyholders from having to sell off personal or business assets. Contrary to critical illness insurance which typically provides benefits up to age 65, long term care insurance may provide benefits up to age 80.

LTD care can be based in a nursing home or other care facility or at home. As this type of permanent care can be extensive and costly, this type of insurance more than pays for itself when claims are granted, and defraying the cost of long-term care can protect a policyholder's financial stability and assets.

Long-term disability care can include skilled nursing care, intermediate care, and/or custodial care. Have your lawyer review your policy carefully for specific restrictions and provisions:

  • Skilled nursing - under doctor's orders, skilled nursing is usually mandated for severe injuries or illness and usually requires around the clock care, either in home, or in a facility
  • Intermediate nursing care - usually ordered for injuries or illnesses that are somewhat stable and requires less specialized, daily care
  • Custodial care - "personal care" patients are given assistance with routine daily activities, but do not need daily medical assistance

    If you or a loved one has become disabled and need to make a long-term disability claim against an insurance company, you should hire an experienced lawyer who is well versed in LTD claim disputes law and contract language. If your claim has been denied, a long-term disability lawyer at Share Lawyers can help you sort through the details of your contract to figure out how much protection you are entitled to.

    We can help you get the most out of your policy's many provisions and make sure you get the maximum benefits legally allowed. Your daily benefit amount, deductible or waiting period, guaranteed renewable, maximum policy benefit, pre-existing condition limitations, and policy exclusions are just a few of the provisions our lawyers will thoroughly explore.

    If your LTD claim dispute has been denied, you need the legal guidance of Share Lawyers.

    There are time limits to all claims and any delay in proceeding may be subject to a deadline. You should not delay in proceeding with your claim or obtaining legal advice to clarify these deadlines.

    Long Term Care Insurance FAQs