Change of Definition: Anthony’s Story

As a software developer, Anthony spent his life in front of a screen. He had no shortage of work opportunities in an increasingly digital world, and he enjoyed both the work itself and knowing that he developed products that made a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Then his life got upended in a car accident when he was 37. The accident caused a traumatic brain injury that made it painful to look at a screen for any length of time. The screen light triggered a migraine each time he tried to look at a computer.  Anthony’s doctors told him that his symptoms might subside with time, although they could not guarantee that that would be the case. Either way, Anthony knew that he was unable to return to work in the present, so he decided to file a long term disability claim and hope for the best.  His claim was approved and he focused on his health. 

Unfortunately, his condition did not improve as the months went by. Staring at a screen still caused him extraordinary pain, and Anthony gradually started to come to grips with the fact that he might have to consider another career path moving forward.  The problem was that none of his options were as promising as his former job. He had gone to school for software development, and had continued to hone his skills once he started working in the field. No matter what he did, it would take time to get back to the level he was at before his accident.

Anthony was still considering his options as he approached the end of his second year of disability benefits. The deadline was only a few weeks away when he received a letter from his insurance company that said his benefits would be cut off at the two year mark. The letter sent Anthony into a panic. He knew he couldn’t return to software development, but he still didn’t have a good sense of what he would do next.

That’s when one of his former co-workers referred him to Share Lawyers. Anthony made a call, and they were able to explain that most disability policies had a Change of Definition clause that kicked in after two years, but that he was still entitled to benefits if he could show that he could not do an equivalent job to his old one.

Share Lawyers agreed to take on his case. Any job that Anthony would be able to get with his education and credentials would place him back in front of a screen. His injury still made that impossible, and any other job would not pay him anywhere near what he was earning.  The confidence that the Share Lawyers team had in being able to get Anthony future benefits helped him carry on and he wanted to fight and get what he was entitled to receive.

After many months of waiting, Anthony and the Share Lawyers team went to mediation.  The day was a success, and Anthony received money for future benefits allowing him to consider going back to school and retraining for a second career.

Anthony knew that the lawyers at Share had fought hard to get him what he needed for his future and he was very grateful for that help.

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