Recovering From a Relationship: Toyah’s Story

Recovering From a Relationship: Toyah’s Story

When the insurance company rejected Toyah’s long-term disability claim, it simply felt like the latest in a long string of disastrous events. Toyah had filed her claim because she was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after getting out of an abusive relationship. The claim dismissal felt similar to the dismissal that she had received from many of the people in her personal life.

But that only motivated Toyah to push back harder. She knew that she was in no condition to go to work, and it wasn’t for lack of trying. At first, Toyah genuinely believed that she was over the relationship. It was a relief to be on her own, and she was excited to return to her regular life. Unfortunately, she didn’t yet realize how many scars she was still carrying beneath the surface. 

Toyah worked in the restaurant industry in Windsor, and as a restaurant employee, she was used to talking to dozens of people throughout her shift. Toyah was generally an extrovert, so being sociable had never been a problem in the past. But that dynamic changed once her relationship ended. She found that many of the conversations she had with customers triggered painful memories from her past, to the point that it was almost impossible to make it through a shift without experiencing some kind of emotional breakdown.

Toyah’s struggles had been obvious to her co-workers. In fact, they were the ones who had encouraged her to file a claim. The insurance company, on the other hand, regarded it as a domestic matter, and argued that a break-up wasn’t a valid reason to take time off work.

The insurance company’s ruling was traumatic in its own right, but Toyah was eventually able to get back on the right track with the help of Share Lawyers. They were able to demonstrate that her PTSD was legitimate, and that it was preventing her from performing the daily requirements of her job.

After Share Lawyers won her case, Toyah was able to commit deeply to her treatment program. Her settlement gave her several years into the future to concentrate on her mental health, and she was able to use that time to work with her therapist to make her PTSD more manageable. Her past relationship trauma was still painful, but she had found new ways to cope with her symptoms that made it much easier to navigate everyday conversations.

Several years later, Toyah is now 36 and is once again excited to go back to work. The difference is that she knows this second time around her enthusiasm is genuine, thanks in no small part to the treatment that she received.   As her condition improved, she started to miss her co-workers at the restaurant, and that’s when she knew that she was finally beginning to feel more like herself.  

Some days are more difficult than others, but Toyah is thrilled to once again be living a life she enjoys. That wouldn’t have been possible had she not filed her disability claim, and she remains grateful to Share Lawyers for helping her turn her life around.
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