Depression and Being Denied For Long-Term Disability

Depression and Being Denied For Long-Term Disability

While he was in college, Zain, 29, had been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. Crohn’s, attacks your body’s immune system and damages your bowel or gastrointestinal system. The illness causes many symptoms that vary widely from person-to-person; chronic diarrhea or constipation, cramps, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, weight loss, tiredness, and more. Crohn’s can even impact your joints, skin, and eyes. Up to 80% of those who suffer from Crohn’s will have to be hospitalized at least once in their lives.

After dealing with the symptoms of Crohn’s for many years, Zain finally felt he had finally got his illness under control. He was able to live his life unhindered for several years with one major exception: his mental health. He struggled with depression, which meant that Zain really had two illnesses to battle.

After college in his hometown of Calgary, Zain had worked as a chef. He realized the stress of that career was too much for him, particularly working nights. He transitioned into becoming a nutritionist, which was not only more rewarding on a personal level, but it also helped him take control of his life and address the symptoms of his Crohn’s. Since Crohn’s impedes the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, digest food, and get rid of waste, careful attention to diet is a factor in controlling or reducing many of the worst symptoms of the condition. 

Zain’s symptoms had not improved after his career change, and so he still had to deal with his symptoms, and the unknown that at any time his condition could worsen. When the COVID pandemic arrived, it caused disruptions to Zain’s work schedule and personal life, and the demand for his services was never-ending. Zain was unable to keep up with work, which worsened his depression. This made it even harder for him to work, triggering more depression. Zain saw no end in sight for his vicious cycle of misery.

He realized that battling depression was making it impossible for him to continue working, so he filed a long-term disability claim with his insurance company. The insurance company denied Zain’s claim. They reasoned that his Crohn’s wasn’t severe enough for him to stop working. They suggested that he should just claim CERB benefits instead. Zain disagreed with their assessment. Unlike many millions of others across Canada, Zain had not lost his job because of COVID. In fact, he was unable to work because of his depression.

Looking for help, Zain sought advice from Share Lawyers. We are helping Zain with his denied claim by arguing that his mental health issues were unrelated to Crohn’s and COVID. Zain is focusing on one day at a time, and is hoping to be able to return to work at some point in the future.

If you have been denied long-term disability due to Crohn’s Disease flare-ups or depression, contact Share Lawyers for help. 

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