Amy Schumer Talks About Her Years With Lyme Disease

Amy Schumer Talks About Her Years With Lyme Disease

Lyme disease can be notoriously difficult to diagnose. The symptoms can be both varied and inconsistent, and the ones that are more common (such as headaches and fever) can just as easily be attributed to another disease. A doctor that doesn’t know what to look for will often go down several other paths before getting to the root source of the patient’s problem.

That’s how some people end up living with Lyme disease for years – through many medical events and many trips to the doctor – without ever learning the true cause of their symptoms. For example, Amy Schumer revealed that she had Lyme disease at the tail end of the summer, and while the diagnosis was recent, there’s a good chance that she’s been living with the condition for a significant portion of her adult life.

“Anyone get LYME this summer?” wrote Schumer on Instagram, posting the caption under a photo of her fishing as a child. “I got it and I’m on doxycycline. I have maybe had it for years.”

The fact that someone can live a seemingly healthy life (at least in the public eye) is one of the things that makes Lyme disease so challenging for medical professionals. Lyme is usually transferred by smaller ticks that are difficult to see with the naked eye, if only because larger ticks are more likely to be spotted and removed. As a result, the bite itself will often not be painful, and the patient likely will not know when that bite occurred.

That means that many people with Lyme do not know that anything is wrong until they start experiencing symptoms. Even then, the signs can get lost amongst a slew of other medical issues. Schumer, for instance, has been famously honest about her personal life, and has never been one to avoid talking about her physical health. She canceled several stand-up tour dates due to extreme morning sickness called hyperemesis while she was pregnant with her son Gene. It’s remarkable to think that the Lyme disease wasn’t evident even during the close observation she was then under.

Lyme disease is unusual in the sense that it can simultaneously cause debilitating medical problems, while operating almost invisibly for years at a time. It can also affect anyone, regardless of profession or social status. In that regard, Schumer is simply the latest in a long line of celebrities that have had the disease, joining a list that already includes fellow luminaries like Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne, and Justin Bieber.

Thankfully, antibiotics can be used to treat Lyme once the disease has been identified. Schumer herself is already on the road to recovery, and is looking forward to moving on with her life. 

“I want to say that I feel good and am excited to get rid of it,” Schumer concluded in her post. Until then, her announcement will raise awareness about Lyme disease for anyone who may be having chronic, unexplained issues with their health.

Source: E! Online

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